My life in photos (week 13-2015)


The weather was hot, the turtles woke up from their hibernation and Naya thought we brought her a new toy! Such a silly dog!
(Sunday 15/3/2015)


My boyfriend’s happy place! Full of his tools and bikes!
(Monday 16/3/2015)


The left side of Lepeda beach. Maybe I’m in summer mood….
(Tuesday 17/3/2015)


Wanna guess who did that holes in my socks?!?!
(Wednesday 18/3/2015)


The weather has gone crazy! At one side it was hot and sunny and at the other it was cataclysmic!
(Thursday 19/3/2015)


Happy birthday to… me!! The one candle stands for 30+1! We couldn’t have all the candles on that cake for two! 😉
(Friday 20/3/2015)


Naya is in heat! After making the house a mess (everyone who has a female dog, knows what I’m talking about), found this in YouTube and saved us! And most importantly, Naya is ok with her fancy pants!
(Saturday 21/3/2015)


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 13-2015)

  1. Ευτυχώς έχουμε κ ένα λοουερ αλλά γράφε κ στα ελληνικά μη ταλαιπωριωμαστε…

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