My life in photos (week 14-2015)


My boys are growing old…. We were thinking that guinea pigs live about 3-3,5 years. Filimonas (the right one) is almost 5 and Lino (the left one) is 3,5 years old. I know I must prepare myself but it is difficult….
Sunday 22/3/2015


My favorite flowers are about to bloom!
Monday 23/3/2015


Made these for a baby girl! I don’t think my blog is a baby-blog but my latest posts are saying otherwise. So no more baby-posts!
Tuesday 24/3/2015


See why my knitting has been so slow? Does anyone know a way to knit and pet your dog at the same time????
Wednesday 25/3/2015


Plum tree blossoms!!!! Last year, this time of year, it was so windy that all the blossoms had been blown away and there was no plums for us. Fingers crossed for this year!
Thursday 26/3/2015


They are here!If you could just smell them! So divine! I think that this is how paradise smells like!
Friday 27/3/2015


Late in the afternoon almond tree blossoms! Sorry for the poor lighting….
Saturday 28/3/2015


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