My life in photos (week 15-2015)


I know I said no more baby things around here but look at those 44 days old little feet!! My gift fitted perfectly!
Sunday 29/3/2015


Am I the only one that sees a submarine in those clouds?
Monday 30/3/2015



Spent two great days literally on the sea, to the cages of the fishfarm that I work, trying to find sea bass ladies to renew our broodstock. It was windy and sunny. I got a bright pink sunburnt face and looked horrible (everyone made fun of me all week long) and got dead tired but I really enjoyed it!
Tuesday 30/3/2015 + Wednesday 1/4/2015


My favourite colorful flowers! Isn’t spring an artist?
Thursday 2/4/2015


F gave me a cute chocolate bunny! Delicious!
Friday 3/4/2015


A pear tree full of blossoms in the middle of a meadow next to the sea! There are no words for so much beauty!
Saturday 4/4/2015


2 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 15-2015)

  1. I am with you with the submarine 🙂 I love the blooming tree next to the see! Greece looks amazing in this time of the year! Someday I would really love to visit!!

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