My life in photos (week 18-2015)


Knitting, coffee and my mum’s most delicious cookies ever! What more can I ask?
Sunday 19/4/2015


From our walk on the beach.
Monday 20/4/2015


I read that if you can’t eat your greens,try to drink them. Have you tried green smoothies? I did and loved them! I put spinach, broccoli, banana, apple in bags to go to the freezer and every morning I blend  one bag with kefir and peanut butter! Delicious! I get my greens and I don’t get bloated! Yey!
Tuesday 21/4/2015


Canary eggs!!
Wednesday 22/4/2015


Photo shooting F’s new socks with Naya around? Bad idea! Who will notice the socks when she’s in the picture?!
Thursday 23/4/2015


A little field of daisies next to the sea on a cloudy spring day!
Friday 24/4/2015


Remember our plum tree blossoms? They turned to pea size plums so quickly!
Saturday 25/4/2015


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 18-2015)

  1. Oh, Zeta! The pictures of this green fresh grass are calling my name, I miss it so much! I love green smoothies! Your recipe sounds so delicious!

  2. Καλο μηνα να χεις Ζετα μου!! Τι ωραια να χεις την φυση γυρω σου!!
    Σε αναζωογονει!! Φιλακια πολλα και να χεις μια ομορφη βδομαδα!!

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