FO:Gigantic socks!


I had made for F two pairs of socks. But he didn’t like neither of them because they were angle high and kept dropping down his feet.


Those were the first I ever made him. It was back at the time that I was learning how to knit socks. I learned from this you tube video which you can find it also here. It’s a basic, top-down way to begin your after sock learning life!


These, to tell the truth, begun as my socks! But, as they turned out, were pretty huge and became F’s surprise present! 😛
The pattern was go with the flow. It has a pretty nice zigzag pattern on the front side.


I remember that I really enjoyed it but when I casted of the first sock (and accepted that it didn’t fit me), I realised that top-down socks are not for me! It was the last pair I knitted this way…

And then, F asked me to knit him a pair that could go up his calf. Toe-up socks to the mission!

At this point I should probably inform you that he wears a size 47 or in us terms 12,5!! And that was a looooot of knitting!

I started with judy’s magic cast on, which is my favorite sock cast on. After the toe increases, I did a 2*2 ribing on the upper side (to allow the sock to expand) that continues all the way up. For the back side I chose to go plain stockinette to get some negative ease.

For the heel, another favorite, the shadow raps short rows technique. The only short row technique (that I know of) that gets you the exact same result on both sides.

Last but not least, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s flexible sewn bind off.
I was very anxious if it would be flexible enough to pass his heel when he puts them on. Fortunately everything went well!
(They may look a bit weird on the photos because F isn’t the most cooperative when it’s about photo shooting!)

So there you go! A proper adult knitting post after a really long time! 😉


6 thoughts on “FO:Gigantic socks!

  1. F isn’t cooperative?!! You don’t appreciate him enough 🙂 My husband would never ever in his life let me take any pictures of him, forget about taking pictures of me 🙂 Socks turned out great – very neat! I still haven’t knitted a single sock!

    1. Do you think that I made one sock shorter than the other?! He was too bored to put them on the proper way!!! Also everyday for more than a week I was “Come on… You promised me…” 😛
      You should knit some socks! It’s life changing!!!

  2. Χαχαχαχαχα! Μοντελακι!! Παραδεξου πως είναι καλουλης που έκατσε κ έκανε το μοντέλο!

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