My life in photos (week 19-2015)


All my babies together!
Sunday 26/4/2015


Did some blood test and got this bandage! I must not tell the other kids though 😛
Monday 27/4/2015


We call this pashalia (in free translation easter tree) because it blossoms near easter time. Smells fantastic!
Tuesday 28/4/2015


Baby grapes!
Wednesday 29/4/2015


The road to the dermatologist was under construction so we had to take the ferry to Argostoli. I was so tired but the sea revived me. Also my doctor wasn’t there so I have to go again! :-/
Thursday 30/4/2015


This tree is called snow because when these bouquets turn all white, they fall off making a fat layer on the ground like if it was snowing! You will see…..
Friday 1/5/2015

Tartiflette alla grece! With graviera cheese! F cooked it!
Saturday 2/5/2015


6 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 19-2015)

  1. Θα λατρευα τέτοια διαδρομή κ ας ήταν για γιατρό! Μου αρέσει που έχεις βάλει κ τέτοιες φωτογραφίες με λουλούδια κ τη καθημερινότητα σου εκτός από τα πλεκτά.. Για όσους δεν πλεκουν είναι πιο ωραίο έτσι.

  2. Αχ η θαλασσιτσα ειναι λατρεια!! 😁 Τωρα που χει ανοιξει για τα καλα ο καιρος κι εχει οργιασει ηφυση θα χεις μπολικο υλικο για τις φωτο σου Ζετα μου!!
    Να σαι καλα!! Φιλακια!!

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