My life in photos (week 20-2015)


Atheras beach! We had lunch at a tavern by the sea with some friends and had the best time ever!
Sunday 3/5/2015


Tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers and peppers ready to be planted!
Monday 4/5/2015


Naya exploring the intruders of her space. Against all odds, she didn’t break anything!
Tuesday 5/5/2015


Lotus tree! These beautiful flowers will be delicious fruits! Can you get enough of nature? Because I can’t!
Wednesday 6/5/2015


Camomile, not daisies! F’s dad has already picked some for me since I buy camomile tea bags all the time.
Thursday 7/5/2015


Poppies! Used to be everywhere but these were the only ones I saw this year. Don’t know why…
Friday 8/5/2015


Our daily walk with Naya! From our field, to the beach and back so that F can water the plants because Naya loves to play with the water and get muddy! After all, she is half rabrador!
Saturday 9/5/2015


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 20-2015)

  1. Dear Zeta! Thank you so much for sharing these glimpses of the world around you! I really enjoy them! Your garden looks amazing!

  2. Φυση παντου!! Αρωματα και χρωματα!! Τι ωραια!! Να περνας τελεια Ζετα μου!! Φιλακια και καλη βδομαδα να χεις!! 😺👍🌹🌺

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