My life in photos (week 21-2015)


Newborn baby chickens! They are soooo cute and soooo loud!
Sunday 10/5/2015


It was a bit windy but you get an idea of the snow tree when the flowers fall…
Monday 11/5/2015


Blueberry flowers! Maybe this year will be enough to make jam…
Tuesday 12/5/2015


Mint! Does the smell get to you?
Wednesday 13/5/2015


Our home-to-be design! Construction starts (hopefully) on November! Super excited!!!!
Thursday 14/5/2015


Went kitesurfing after 3 months! It was delightful! My friend took some photos but haven’t sent them to me yet. This little shell will do for now.
Friday 15/5/2015


On the way to Athens, in the bus, I saw this old man reading music sheets for about 3 hours drive!!!! I think for him it was like listening to music!!!! Magical!!!!
Saturday 16/5/2015


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 21-2015)

  1. The last photo is so special… You can create your own world no matter where you are… House construction is so so exciting! Though it seems like a long way for our small family, I already plan where to put my yarn baskets 🙂 I hope you will keep posting the progress pictures!

    1. This was the main floor. In the attic will be my craft room! 😀 And of course I’ll be posting through all the construction until we move in there. Our family is also pretty small but we are waiting for our home -nest to finish! As for the last photo, I’m so happy I captured this moment to save it exactly as it was!

  2. Με το καλό να βάλετε μπροστά για το σπίτι Ζέτα μου!!! Φαντάζομαι την χαρά κι ανυπομονησία σου!!!
    Τα μικρά τσιπ τσιπ είναι γλύκα!! Να σας ζήσουν!!! Οσο για την φωτό με τον κυριούλη, τέλεια αποτύπωση της στιγμής!! Σε φιλώ κοπέλα μου και καλή σου βδομάδα!! 😀

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