My life in photos (week 27-2015)


Myrtos beach! Kefalonia’s most famous beach! We didn’t go swimming, just stopped to take a picture.
Sunday 21/6/2015


An ibiscus flower with a flying visitor(that I hadn’t see) that hit me straight to my head after this picture!!!! Photographing flowers can be dangerous!
Monday 22/6/2015


Peach juice for me, coffee for F by the sea!
We didn’t swim. The water was f-f-freezing!
Tuesday 23/6/2015


Mpriam! Just delicious! I cooked it the day before and thought about it all day at work!
Wednesday 24/6/2015


Tomatoes! Not going red! In their defence, it wasn’t hot at all this week.
Thursday 25/6/2015


Five years ago I didn’t know what that was! It’s potatoes!!!
Friday 26/6/2015


I saw that written on the street. It shows the point where the reconstruction of the street will finish.
Things doesn’t look nice for Greece, politically speaking. Everything is uncertain. I am optimistic, maybe because F isn’t at all. I’m trying to balance the mood in the house. It’s working so far….
ΤΕΛΟΣ means the end. Even so, we will do our best!
Saturday 27/6/2015


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 27-2015)

  1. Αχ αυτή η θάλασσα!! Ευλογία είναι!! Ζέτα μου μακάρι το τέλος να σημάνει μια αρχή που την έχουμε πια ανάγκη!! Δεν πάει άλλο, αυτό το βαρέλι έφτασε στον πάτο!! Τώρα μόνο ανάβαση μας πρέπει.. Αρκετά ισοπεδωθήκαμε..
    Να σαι καλά και καλή μας βδομάδα!!

  2. Myrtos beach took my breath away! As for juice/coffee – it made me smile. It sounds exactly like our family – fresh juice for me, coffee for my A. 🙂 I don’t know what Mpriam is, but it looks mouth watering! Potatoes… I remember living in a countryside with my grandparents all summers and looking at rows and rows of potatoes. And then I had pick some kind of bugs from them in the heat 🙂 So I will never forget how they look like! I know that it’s a hard time for Greece now. And you are right, the only thing to do is to stay positive and do the best you can. Just so you know, you can always escape to Mexico 🙂

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