My life in photos (week 28-2015)


I’m not going to stand to the latest events here in Greece. As I read somewhere, what we live now will be history class for the future generations. Developments are coming faster than what our minds can handle. Life must go on and berries must go darker….!
Sunday 28/6/2015


I made a cover for my sewing machine! It was a well spent day off work!
Monday 29/6/2015


My favorite colour in roses! Plus a turtle having lunch!
Tuesday 30/6/2015


Spaghetti con zucchini! Super delicious!
Wednesday 1/7/2015


Knitting the crisis away! I think I will rename this project to greek crisis top!!!! I’m knitting like crazy while F is watching the news that have been playing non stop all day long!
Thursday 2/7/2015


I needed this so much! Didn’t get a break though! Political conversations followed us….
Friday 3/7/2015


I know it’s not a good shoot. There were 3 swans in the middle of the bay just swimming around!!!! They were so beautiful! I don’t know how long they are planning on staying here. I hope I’ll have the chance to take a better picture of them!
Saturday 4/7/2015


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 28-2015)

  1. Καλησπέρα Ζέτα μου!! Αχ αυτές οι δουλειές δεν τελειώνουν ποτέ, ε;;; 🙂
    Τις προάλλες στον Πειραιά, βλέπαμε κι εμείς με την παρέα μου πάπιες παρέα με γλάρους στην θάλασσα!! Φιλιά πολλά κοπέλα μου και καλή βδομάδα να χεις!!

  2. Oh, Zeta! My husband was watching the news and told me what is happening in Greece. My first reaction was – Oh, no! I hope Zeta will still be able to buy yarn 🙂 It must be so hard for you, guys, right now! Stay strong and together with your family!!!

    1. There are no words to describe what is happening here! About yarn now, don’t worry! Where I live the yarn stores are very expensive, so I buy my yarn when I visit my parents in Athens, about twice a year. My stash will survive the crisis!!!

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