My life in photos (week 29-2015)


Dandelions in the sunset. Feels soothing….
Sunday 5/7/2015


We had a visit from a praying mantis! I was happy it was a small one…! If it was bigger, probably I’d still be screaming!
Monday 6/7/2015


Finally! Berries! They weren’t sweet enough but I didn’t mind. The bad thing is that Naya tried some when we weren’t watching and she liked them! Same thing happened with cucumbers! She is such a weird dog! Have you heard about dogs eating cucumbers and berries? I sure haven’t!!!!
Tuesday 7/7/2015


Basil! Are you thinking pesto sauce or is it just me?
Wednesday 8/7/2015


It was so freaking hot! All day at work I was sweating! We went to the sea but even the water was boiling hot!!!!
Thursday 9/7/2015


“Stop reading your book and scratch my head mommy!!”
Friday 10/7/2015


The flowers may be at their best but all this heat is making me melt! I miss rain and a cool breeze. I just can’t wait for autumn to come….
Saturday 11/7/2015


6 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 29-2015)

  1. Αλογακι της παναγιας ? Χαχαχα!! Το σκυλί σου είναι όντως περίεργο! Να της κόψεις την παρέα με τις κότες!!

    1. Βάσω, το κοίταζα και με κοίταζε!!!! Ελπίζω να μετακόμισει πριν μεγαλώσει!!!! Η Νάγια δεν πάει καλά, το ξέρω. Ποιο ζωάκι μας ήταν νορμάλ όμως? :-Ρ

  2. I love how you notice small things around you and see the beauty in each of them! I tried basil pesto first time this year – oh my, where have I been before?!! It is super delicious! My parents’ dog adores apples and chewing gum 🙂 So Naya is not weird at all 🙂 Have a great week, dear Zeta!

    1. To find the beauty in the details of every day’s life, no matter what have happened the rest of the day, is a great lesson for me. I think I have changed through this process! Naya is weird. So is your parents dog!!! 😛
      Καλή εβδομάδα (Have a great week in Greek)

  3. Αχαχα!! Εμένα όλα τα σκυλιά της θείας μου τρώνε ότι θες!!! Καρπούζι, ψάρια, σαλάτες!!!
    Παμφάγα είναι!! 🙂
    Κάνε βουτιές Ζέτα μου!! Θάλασσα, θαλασσίτσα!! ❤
    Φιλάκια και καλή βδομάδα να χεις!!

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