My life in photos (week 33-2015)


Eating juicy, delicious plums straight from the tree while watering the garden! Sorry for the napkin…. There were no plates around!
Sunday 2/8/2015


The child inside me went to the beach! Don’t judge! Feel the love….!
Monday 3/8/2015


Don’t you love a good summer rain? The smell of wet soil? The promise of autumn and hours of knitting behind the window, hearing the rain? I just can’t wait for the summer to pass….
Tuesday 4/8/2015


I really like this picture! It’s so… summerish! I may look forward for cold, rainy, winter days but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate this season and everything that offers….
Wednesday 5/8/2015


Myrtos beach! We went late in the afternoon to see the sun setting in the water! Magical!
Thursday 6/8/2015


Naya was like this for about an hour. We were moving around the house and she didn’t even open her eyes! I had to check if she was breathing!
Friday 7/8/2015


My F had really high fever all day. Actually I’ve never seen such high fever before! I was scared that if he fainted I couldn’t help him! Luckily he didn’t! He fell asleep exhausted and Naya didn’t leave his side!
Saturday 8/8/2015


4 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 33-2015)

  1. I missed your week roundup so much! So happy to be back to reading my favorite blogs! Gorgeous captures of nature – this sky is incredible! I hope F is getting better!

  2. Ομορφες καλοκαιρινές στιγμές Ζέτα μου!! Τι υπέροχη που ναι η θαλασσίτσα!! Κι εγώ χθες έκανα το πρώτο μου μπανάκι!!! Είχε λίγη συννεφιά, ψιλοέριξε σταγόνες και μετά άνοιξε ο καιρός κι η θάλασσα ζεστή ζεστή!!!
    Περαστικά στο παλικάρι σου!! Δεν θέλει και πολύ έτσι που ιδρώνουμε κι ήμαστε σε ανεμιστήρες και air condition!! Φιλάκια πολλά και χρόνια πολλά λόγω της ημέρας!!! 🙂

    1. Καλοβούτηχτη λοιπόν! Μου αρέσει απίστευτα η θάλασσα με συννεφιά και λίγη βροχή! Χρόνια πολλά και για την ημέρα και για την γιορτή σου! Φιλάκια σου κούκλα!

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