My life in photos (week 35-2015)


My wonderful boyfriend cooked for me! It was a special order! Spaghetti with shrimps! I ate until my stomach was full and I kept going!
Sunday 15/8/2015


Have you ever walked on the beach and saw these things on the sand? Probably. But I don’t think you would picked them up! Those are squid bones! We are walking a lot on the beaches trying to find as many as we can! It’s a great source of calcium for our canaries!
Monday 16/8/2015


The Mega Lakkos bay from above! Mega Lakkos means big pit because in the water the sand forms a huge puddle.
Tuesday 17/8/2015


My boys are soooo funny when they’re eating parsley! And also very happy!
Wednesday 18/8/2015


Isn’t this photo with the sea urchin really beautiful?
After 8 years living in Kefalonia, I found this wonderful and (most important) empty of people beach! 😀 We had to climb up and down a hill full of spiky busses but it was worth it! It was quite!!!!
Thursday 19/8/2015


If you haven’t tried baked figs rapped with bacon, you must!!!! Seriously! It’s heaven in a bite! Even though I’m not supposed to eat figs, I couldn’t resist and ate about 3 or 4! Ok 7!!!! Try some and tell me then if you could stop!
Friday 20/8/2015


I went kitesurfing!!!! 😀
After a very long time! The wind wasn’t helping and if I wasn’t excited about it, I would say that it sucked but still….
I was so out of shape that later in the evening even breathing was painful!!!!
Saturday 21/8/2015


8 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 35-2015)

  1. Kite surfing sounds so adventurous and fun! I would be definitely scared 🙂 Thank you for reminding me about figs – it is the season right now for them here and I still haven’t tried them! I love your beach shots so much! Looks absolutely perfect! Enjoy!

    1. Being a little scared while kitesurfing is part of its beauty! You must try figs with bacon! It will change your world!!!! More beach shots are coming this week! We will be on a road trip around Kefalonia! So many beaches, so many photos! 😀

  2. some of my favorite things!!! shrimp and pasta…figs!!! (must try with bacon—and I have some figs ready to be picked!!!)…..and that sea urchin! right on the beach like that? WOW

  3. Γαριδομακαρονάδα!!!! Αυτά είναι!! Με ξεσηκώνεις σαββατιάτικα!! Εχω χρόνια να βρω στην θάλασσα το κόκκαλο της σουπιάς, τι μου θύμησες!!
    Αλήθεια είναι τόσο νόστιμο το σύκο έτσι;; Δεν το χω ξανακούσει!!
    Τέλεια τα σπορ στο νερό αν και δεν έχω κάνει ποτέ κάτι τέτοιο!! Καλά να περνάς κοπέλα μου!! Φιλιά!!

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