Week 36-2015 (continued)

So after seeing Fiskardo, feeling tired from driving hours in bumpy roads, we decided to stay close to our home. Swimming at Mega Lakkos sounded great. And why not treat ourselves with a diy free spa on the beach?

First of all we went close to the clay hills….


We found smooth pieces of clay with no sand on them!


(Once there was sand but I thought it was ok. My skin was as if I had a fight with ten cats! Full of scratches! )

Then we got in the water and soaked the pieces until they look like plasticine.


Then we rubbed it all over our skin.


And let it dry.


Yes, I looked like this on the beach!!!! My F also! Actually that kind of sight is very common at that beach !

So after the clay dried completely and we felt like statues, we got in the water, rubbed our skin until clean and voilà! Super smooth skin!  🙂

Our batteries were charged, so we hit the road again with Assos as our destination.


Assos is a peninsula. The bay is very close so almost no wind can reach the boats.



Also there is an ancient castle on the hill across the city.


The streets are truly unique! Colorful flowers are everywhere!


And every little alley is leading to the sea…



Isn’t Assos beautiful? Even the back side has a wild beauty of its own!


That were our holidays! I feel grateful for living in such a beautiful place that people from all around the world come to visit!
Here is an airline commercial about Kefalonia! I’m sure you’ll recognise some of those places! 🙂

We spent some more days resting, sleeping till noon, reading our books and I was very productive on my knitting as I am always when I don’t work! I finished my Greek crisis top and casted on a vest  inspired by that pin. More details on the following related posts….


8 thoughts on “Week 36-2015 (continued)

  1. Βάλσαμο η θάλασσα!!! Κι έχουν πιάσει κάτι ζέστες τώρα!! Ασε!!
    Οπτασία αυτές οι παραλίες!! Τι ωραία, κάνατε και φυσικό σπα!! Καλό σ/κ Ζέτα μου με πολλές βουτιές!! Σε φιλώ!! 🙂

  2. That water looks magical – so clear – I just want to dive in! Love the clay treatment too, I bet there are many healing minerals in that clay. Enjoy your week xx

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