My life in photos (week 37-2015)

I know this was supposed to Sunday’s post but I lost track of time! 🙂


I went totally crazy just seeing this little lady with the dress I crocheted for her! I was so happy that her mum liked it and really appreciated it! Those people just make me want to knit and knit until the end of yarn!! Doesn’t she look amazing? Sorry for the “musk” but you understand that I have to protect her from giving autographs so young!!!!
Sunday 30/8/2015


Still enjoying the beach! I don’t want to complain but when will winter come?!
Monday 31/8/2015


F did it again! Not only he made me a spinning wheel, he also winded the yarn! How not to love that guy?
Tuesday 1/9/2015


We found a sea horse!!!! He was hurt and couldn’t swim very well. The only we could do was to get him deeper and hope the best for him….
Wednesday 2/9/2015


Another creation by F! A weathercock (according to Google translation) made of an old fan heater! Now I will know when the wind is good for kitesurfing! 😉
Thursday 3/9/2015


Sorry for the blurring photo! I know, clean your lens! Be sure that I will! It’s two funny faces on my and F’s finger! Like two worms in love, watching the sunset…..!!
Friday 4/9/2015


Aunt P brought this for me from Chicago! I had asked for wooden crochet hooks and she brought me needles! She didn’t even know the difference between hooks and needles!!!!
Saturday 5/9/2015

Again, sorry for the late post.
Have a great week everybody…..!


6 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 37-2015)

  1. Yeah, you are back! I was “looking for” you on Sunday 🙂 This crochet dress is just way too adorable! And how wonderful it is to see how your work is being appreciated and cherished! Have a great week, dear Zeta! P.S. Can I borrow F for a couple of weeks? 🙂

  2. Καλημέρα Ζέτα μου!! Μα τι γλύκα το φορεματάκι!! Σαν ζαχαρωτό είναι!! Και το μπεμπέ κουκλί!! 🙂
    Το χεις αποθεώσει το πλέξιμο!!! Πως να μην ανυπομονείς για τον χειμώνα!! Θα χεις μπόλικη δουλειά με τις βελόνες σου!! 🙂 🙂
    Φιλάκια κοπέλα μου και καλό σ/κ!!!

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