My life in photos (week 41-2015)

Hello my friends!
It’s been a busy busy week….!


After the flood two days before, F’s dad took us snail hunting! Yep, snails!!!!! We went up the mountain and found snails half-bared in the ground. Oh, the joy! I really enjoyed climbing up the hill, the smells of the plants and wet soil and the promise of eating delicious snails….! I’m waiting for the next rain…..
Sunday 27/9/2015

I don’t know what is happening with my dog but lately she is weirdly obedient and calm! Maybe she decided to grow up and stop acting like a puppy. Not that I’m complaining!
Monday 28/9/2015

Did you know that after you pick up snails you have to let them eat row flour or raw pasta for a couple of days so that their intestine is clean for consuming?! As we were through that stage, having the snails in a bucket, F had the wonderful idea of building a small snailfarm!!!!
Tuesday 29/9/2015


Those little flowers open after the sunset and smell great. Also since I have plenty of free time (sarcastic speaking), I signed up to a pilates class except the yoga one that I attend already! Have to work on that alignment and the tension on my shoulders, right?
Wednesday 30/9/2015


We are working like crazy on the snail house! I haven’t even noticed that our white bougainvillea has blossoms.
Thursday 1/10/2015


Ta da! Our snail house is ready! We found a polyester tank from work, opened windows but installed sieves for insects (and for keeping the snails inside their home), filled it with soil and moved it under the trees for shade.
Friday 2/10/2015


The snails are in! All 12 of them! So far everything is going as it should according to all the bibliography F has read! Yep! He has done some serious research! Well? What do you think? Will it work? After working in a fishfarm for 10 years, should I consider a change of career????
Saturday 3/10/2015


5 thoughts on “My life in photos (week 41-2015)

  1. A snail farm sounds as exciting as a sheep farm! I am happy you joined pilates! I’ve been teaching it for 6 years now and I can’t think of anything better for your core and back muscles! Love it!

  2. Καλή επιτυχία να χει το νέο σας project Ζέτα μου με τα σαλιγκάρια!!! Οι δικοί μου όλοι τα λατρεύουν και ξέρουν τα πάντα πως τα φτιάχνεις, που τα αφήνεις!! χιχιχι!! Εγώ μακρυά!!! 🙂 Αφού κι εδώ μετά τις βροχές εφοδιάζονται με γαλότσες και τρέχουν στα λιβάδεια (εκτός Αττικής εννοείται) και μου φέρνουν στο σπίτι αυτά τα σαλιάρικα!!! 🙂 🙂
    Λένε ότι το πιλάτες κάνει τέλεια γυμναστική, δεν γνωρίζω καθόλου!! Πάντως θα πέσει πολύ τέντωμα!! Φιλάκια πολλά και καλή βδομάδα να χεις!!!

    1. Είμαστε περήφανοι σαλιγκαροτρόφοι! 😀
      Πάντως χάνεις που δεν έχεις δοκιμάσει! Είναι πεντανόστιμα!! Από τέντωμα άλλο τίποτα! Και το χρειάζομαι τόσο πολύ! Καλή εβδομάδα να έχουμε….

  3. Αχ τα χω δοκιμάσει φίλη μου!! Πως δεν τα χω δοκιμάσει!! Αναντάμ όλοι Κρητικοί στο σόι, με μπουκώσαν ήθελα δεν ήθελα!! 🙂 🙂
    Καλό σ/κ να χεις!!

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