Christmas gift: The giraffe

I love the lights on my little Christmas tree. I don’t want to take it away yet. I feel a warmth in my heart every time I see it and I cherish every evening when the sun goes down and the little lights glow brighter. Even though the last two years we put it on the top of a drawer cause of Naya, still knitting beside it is one of my favorites moments of the day.


Pattern: Crochet giraffe pattern

This sweet and colorful giraffe was crocheted under the lights of our Christmas tree for my two year old niece. She didn’t like it much since she loves to wash all her toys! Plastic baby dolls are her favorite.
My sister also said that this is the ugliest thing I’ve ever made!! Too colorful and weird for her!
F on the other hand liked very much the “scrap effect” but color is his soft spot so I don’t know if his opinion counts….

I used leftovers from my stash. I’m not throwing away a single thread, as you see! I think that it turned out…. happy!


What do you think?
Is it ugly or sweet?
As for my christmas tree, I think I’ll keep it for the weekend….

9 thoughts on “Christmas gift: The giraffe

  1. It’s absolutely adorable! Love that you are using all your scraps – it made the project even more special! So many memories are woven into this cute guy 🙂

  2. Καλέ είναι σκέτη γλύκα η καμηλοπαρδαλίτσα σου!!! Χαρωπή με ζωηρά χρώματα!! Γεια στα χεράκια σου!!! 🙂 Κι εμείς πάντως αν και δεν στολίσαμε, τα φωτάκια τα κρατάμε όλο τον χρόνο!!! Σε φιλώ!!

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