Blanket. Progress

It’s been less than a month since I started crocheting F’s blanket. It grows pretty fast but not fast enough for F who just can’t wait to snuggle with it!


Right now it’s 58 inches or 148cm long and 1090g in weight. It has 75 stripes of color and I think it will take at least 100 stripes to get to the 2 meters. And then the border! Sigh!

I enjoy those long meditating hours on my hook. Each row takes about 20 minutes. I haven’t count how many stitches there are in a single row because I thought that the number itself would discourage me. I will count them though, on the very last row 😉


My bedroom’s light is awful and I must find another place to lay it so that I show it to you in all its glory when it’s finished. I think I’ll intrude into F’s parents bedroom for the photo shoot….

Another thing I want to discuss with you all, is your amazing response on my previous post about Greek words.

My blog’s name “Πότε καλή & πότε ανάποδη” is still in Greek, even though I prefer writing in English, because it can’t really be translated.
I thought it would be nice to explain to you what it means….

In Greek knit is pleko kali and purl is pleko anapodi. Kali is also the right side of your knitting and anapodi the wrong side.

Have you heard of the Greek language’s majesty? Here it comes!

Not knitting talking, kali also means good (like Good morning is Kalimera) and anapodi means upside down.

So, we say that in some situations or even in life, sometimes things are going fine and sometimes…. not so fine!
Did you get it? 🙂
Pote kali & pote anapodi! It is a real greek expression!
It’s like knitting! Sometimes you knit, sometimes you purl!
Either way, you’re still knitting…..!
And that is why I say that life is like knitting, a work in progress!

Since I started writing in English (please excuse the mistakes I make), I have thought of changing the name but I’m not ready yet to lose all of my Greek character here….

I only hope that was clear enough for you and that you like a bit more my blog’s name….

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32 thoughts on “Blanket. Progress

  1. Oh, thank you for a Greek lesson! What a great play of words – absolutely love it! Your blanket is growing huge, the colors look so harmoniously together.

  2. That is so fascinating! I love learning about other languages so it’s always interesting to me to hear a little something new like this.

    I feel like the name of your blog gives it a lot of character. If you don’t want to change it to English, maybe keep in it Greek, but make a page explaining the name to non-Greek speakers? That way you can keep it how you like it, but others can still learn and appreciate what it means. 🙂

  3. loved reading about the meaning of your blog name!! but please don’t change it(or translate it1)….it’s perfect! No wonder someone is anxious to cozy under his blanket….such colours!!! beautiful!

  4. Such a stunning blanket, I love the bright happy colours! And thank you for explaining your blog’s name, I love reading little tidbits like that. So cool.

  5. My father was Greek but I unfortunately didn’t learn the language (having a Scottish mother and being born in South Africa) so I really love this lesson! Efharisto

  6. Oh wow, you have done lots on your blanket, it’s looking great and so bright and pretty! Thanks for another Greek lesson, that’s such a perfect expression, it’s going straight in my Greek notebook 😉

  7. I am really glad that you shared the meaning of your greek name with us and I agree with the others, you mustn’t change your name. It is important to have your personality reflected on your blog. It is your space and therefore needs to reflect who you are.
    Your blanket is awesome.

  8. Καλό μήνα Ζετάκι μου!! Πόσο ωραία εξελίσσεται η δουλειά σου με την κουβέρτα, αν και φυσικά δεν υπήρχε καμιά αντίρρηση γι αυτό!!! 🙂 Γεια στα χεράκια σου!!
    Το επεξήγησες άψογα το όνομα του blog σου κι ενθουσίασες τις φίλες σου!!! Αχ αυτές οι λέξεις!!
    Να περνάς όμορφα φίλη μου ότι κάνεις!! Καλό σ/κ να χεις!! Σε φιλώ!!

    1. Αφού πήρα και την έγκριση ενός ελληνόφωνου, όλα καλά! 😀
      Άγχος που είχα αν βγάζει νόημα!
      Καλό μήνα, καλό σ/κ και καλά να περνάς κούκλα! Φιλάκια σου!

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