FO: Marina’s Garter Cardi

Wasn’t this a quick one?


Marina’s cardi is finished and already at its recipient 🙂

On Saturday, I found out that a colleague of mine was called on a business trip to my friend’s town on Tuesday. 
It was the perfect opportunity to send her my gift along with some other goodies 😉

By that time, I was about to finish the back of the cardigan.
Time was limited but fortunately I had two days off work to focus on my knitting.


As you see the structure is very simple.
Plus knitting on needles size 10 helped the whole garment to fly off my hands quickly.

Seaming was the most time consuming part.


The sleeves were seamed before the shoulder shaping.
This makes the cardigan slouchy but not boxy.


On my first Garter Cardi I seamed the sleeve into a tube and then attached it to the body.
This time I seamed it flat and it was so much easier!


Then I folded the whole cardigan to seam the sides using the mattress stitch.
I saved hours this way.


Of course there was no time for blocking but the cardigan grows in length by wearing it.
Mine wasn’t blocked and you can see how the garter stitch grew.


Marina really really liked it and that made me feel such a happy knitter 🙂

It was a bit tight on her because she has put on some weight but she will sure wear it a lot after she gives birth.

My ravelry notes are on your disposal along with my help if you want to knit your own Garter Cardi.
I would love to write a pattern out of it but, let’s be realistic, I’ll never find enough time.
One day maybe….

Joining Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams.


18 thoughts on “FO: Marina’s Garter Cardi

  1. Μπράβο σου Ζέτα μου!! Ζεστό και άνετο!! Θα το ευχαριστηθεί στα σίγουρα!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά και καλή Σαρακοστή να χεις!! 🙂

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