WIP&FO: Gifts for little people

I think I’m constantly posting about my WIPs and not so much about my FOs.

Maybe because I get very excited when I start a new project. 😛

I want to show so many beautiful things but my mind is on my needles and lately I suffer from castonitis….
You’ll have to be patient with me….

I want to visit a very dear friend of mine that on January had her second baby!
I don’t want to go empty handed….


I’m knitting her 3,5 year old daughter a Rainbow Scrap Sweater with leftovers from F’s blanket.
I remember that my friend asked me to find a recipe for a rainbow birthday cake for little M’s first birthday.
Unfortunately the earthquakes of 2014 was 3 weeks before and M’s birthday party never happened.
She is a very cheerful girl and I think that she will look adorable wearing a rainbow!


For her new little brother, I knitted a little vest in grey cotton yarn.
It took me less than two nights knitting to finish it.


I love the buttoned side!
Such a cute reminder of the big head that babies have!

Knitting for little people is so fast and fulfilling.
I will do lots of it this year since we expect new arrivals.
Another niece or nephew is also on its way apart from my best friend’s first!
Aunt Zeta will knit them lots of wonderful little sweaters and hats and blankets and tops and so freaking cute little socks!!!!

I hope you won’t mind this place turned into a baby-blog….

Joining Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams.


15 thoughts on “WIP&FO: Gifts for little people

  1. Πολύχρωμο και χαρωπό Ζέτα μου!! Μπράβο σου!! Αλλά και το γιλέκο δεν πάει πίσω!! Ειδικά τα κουμπάκια κάναν την διαφορά νομίζω!! Καλοφορετα να ναι, θα τα χαρούν τα μικρούλια!! 🙂
    Φιλάκια πολλά!!

  2. These are so cute! They are very lucky to have such a talented Aunt. It sounds like you will kept busy this year with all the new arrivals, I look forward to seeing your lovely creations 🙂

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