Socks n’ HIP (House In Progress)

Spring (or an early summer to be more accurate) is here!

The weather is sunny and hot and all I want is to spend more time outdoors.

We have started preparing the garden and hopefully we will plant our tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini etc during the weekend.
Meanwhile, our turtles are enjoying our salad leftovers….




Our house is slowly starting to look more like a house.
There are now some bricks but nothing special to show you yet.

When I casted on my stripy socks, the ceiling of the main floor/floor of the attic had just been built and we had to wait for 28 days for the cement to dry. But cement gets stronger if it is wet all the time. So, we had a schedule to water the floor 6 times a day!
While F was watering, I was in charge of the faucet.
And knitting my socks 😛


If they look different to you than their WIP post,  it is because I ripped the first one off because I got a little obsessed with the stripes on the heel.
I feel much better with this result (after 4 attempts) and with having matching socks (after a mild breakdown).

So, now that one critical chapter of our HIP is done, another one begins.
Walls. Brick walls.

I thought it will be great if my knitting is accompanying our house in a way.
And I dream of a drawer full of hand knitted socks in our new house.
And I enjoy knitting socks so much!

I decided to knit a pair in every big part of the construction, while I am at the construction.


I casted on Hermione’s Everyday Socks using the yarn I won in Laura’s giveaway.

This pattern seems to be on everyone’s needles lately, and I admit to be a Harry Potter enthusiast as well, so it was a perfect match.

These will be my Walls-up socks and I have about 3 weeks to finish them.

Also I’m waiting for F to get some free time to make me wooden sock blockers, as he promised me!
How lucky am I???
How amazing is he?!

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

25 thoughts on “Socks n’ HIP (House In Progress)

  1. I love how your knitting WIPs go along with your house WIP 🙂 Wish many many drawers of socks! And I think your F is ready to open his own handmade knitting tools business 🙂

  2. I love how the heels match so perfectly on your socks. Well done! I’m definitely in the mood to start sock knitting again, and you’ve inspired me to go and look for some yarn later today. I love the opal stripes for socks so much. Enjoy your weekend x

  3. Πολύ όμορφες οι καλτσούλες σου Ζέτα μου!! Και με σχεδιάκια κιόλας!! Τι να πω;; Μπράβο σου!! Εντάξει οι χελωνίτσες σου ζωή και κότα!! Χαχαχα!! 🙂
    Με το καλό να βλέπεις το σπίτι σας να παίρνει την μορφή που θέλετε!!
    Φιλάκια ολόγλυκα και καλή Μεγαλοβδομάδα να χεις!!!

    1. Να’σαι καλά Μαριλενάκι. Είναι πραγματικά χαλαρωτικό να πλέκεις κάλτσες. Θα το βάλω σε πρόγραμμα από εδώ και πέρα 🙂
      Καλή Ανάσταση να έχουμε

  4. those socks really do look great….not such a perfectionist here—i’m pretty OK (usually) with fraternal twin socks. But what a cool idea to do socks in relationship to your home construction!! I just love that idea!!!! And you are right….a sock full of great socks at the end of the process!!!

    1. Socks are small, portable, easy to remember, easy to stop at any point and just great to knit!
      I’m so happy to return to sock-knitting 🙂
      As for my little obsession on matching socks, I think it was caused by knitting with self striping yarn for the first time. I’ll be more forgiving from now on 😉

  5. Χρόνια πολλά Ζέτα μου γλυκειά!! Καλή Ανάσταση να χεις με την οικογένειά σου!! Να περάσετε πολύ πολύ όμορφα και ξεκούραστα!!
    Εύχομαι υγεία κι ανάταση ψυχής!!! Φιλάκια πολλά πολλά!! ❤

  6. I’m not sure you can convince me that you’re not patient; the effort you took to get the heels to match up say that you are patient. 🙂

    I love your WIPs and the yarn you’re using for Hermione’s Everyday Socks is just awesome. Your WIP has convinced me to make the pattern after I finish my first pair. Best to you with the house building. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  7. your socks look great! And how cute are your turtles, I love that you include them in the pics.

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