FO: Walls-up socks

My Walls-up socks are finished even though the actual walls are not.
I guess falling off the scheduled timetable happens when you build a house, right?


In the bright side, I now have sock blockers!! La la la!!
My love did his wonder again! Thank you darling :-*


Back to the socks, I love love love them!
Even though there’s far too much pink for me.

The yarn looks so… happy.
(I strongly believe that a yarn CAN look happy)


I used half my yarn so I will soon make another pair.
I’m thinking I’ll go for vanilla socks just to let the yarn’s colors to bloom with no distractions.


Hermione’s Everyday Socks is a great pattern even though I did a different heel.
Why I didn’t try the heel that the pattern suggested?
Because by the time I had to do the heel, I didn’t have the pattern with me. I know shadow wraps short rows by heart and I really like how it looks and how it fits but I would like to try something new.

I know. There is always next time 😉
Learning never ends….

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18 thoughts on “FO: Walls-up socks

  1. Καλοφόρετες Ζέτα μου!! Είναι πολύ ωραίες και χαρούμενες, όπως το λες!! Ζωηρά χρωματάκια για χαρούμενα πατουσάκια!! 🙂
    Φιλάκια καλή μου!!

  2. what a great pattern….just enough texture to keep it interesting! And how lucky you are to have someone so handy to add to your knitting toys!!! The sock blockers are GREAT!

  3. I love your new socks!! The yarn and the pattern are a great combo, they work together really well- plus how awesome is it to have yarn to make another pair?! I love your new sock blockers, that’s amazing that they are handmade.

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