FO: The Gifted Reindeer

I’m inexcusable!
There’s been more than two months that my Gifted Reindeer is finished and I haven’t show it to you yet.
Truth is I was planning on a more organised photoshoot.
Let’s all agree that is not going to happen!
But I have something else, equally special for you….
First let’s talk about Reindeer.
I couldn’t love more this cardigan.
The cable pattern down the back is so so beautiful.
This pattern has everything I like.
It’s seemless. It’s an open cardigan. There is texture on the end of the sleeves. You can choose the length of the sleeves. You can have wider bands. Looks amazing in cotton and in more wooly yarns so it can be either a summer or winter garment. And it is Alina’s first pattern!
I did this one in cotton since it was the best I could find but also because I wear cotton for more months.

As for the surprise I have for you….
What about our house first pictures?
Get ready for a bunch of them.
(The view from the veranda with a sneak peek at our garden and the chicken coop)
(The north side with the neighbour’s goats. He is happy to have young people in the neighbourhood so he is treating us daily with fresh goat milk which as it turns out I really like)
(Still no walls on the main floor. Lots to be done until we can call it home. Can you see the ladder? It will lead to my craft room!)
( The east side that has view to the sea)

(Talking about my craft room 🙂
La la la!)
(Hopefully next month I won’t be able to look out since there will be the roof done. Also, my hair is a mess, I know, but I’m growing them to donate them)
I hope you enjoyed this little tour.
I know I enjoyed wearing my Reindeer which is so close to my heart while touring you around our House In Progress.
Thank you all for being so supportive.

And thank you Alina for everything….

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

30 thoughts on “FO: The Gifted Reindeer

  1. Oh !! That cardigan so pretty !! I really like the color and pattern back. It’s a great job. Congratulations!!

  2. Oh, Zeta!!! Gorgeous photos! I love it in this shade of blue – so so pretty! Thank you so much for a house tour – this view is breathtaking!

  3. What a beautiful post! Your sweater is amazing. I can’t believe you knit something that big out of cotton, which would kill my hands. Your new house is gorgeous. That view will definitely feed your creativity.

  4. love your sweater!!! and I love your new home to be and the craft room! how exciting 🙂 I bet you wanted it finished yesterday….I’m impatient with stuff like that…

  5. Love your Reindeer. Those cables are beautiful! I like how they seem to sway. Also, thanks for the house tour. The views are amazing and I think it is really impressive and brave to build a house. We are also planning to move but not brave enough to build one. 😀

    1. Thanks! I absolutely loved knitting those cables.
      I also wouldn’t be brave enough to build a house but it was my F’s only option! He is very handy and wants to know if everything is made the way it should! It is almost a problem sometimes….
      Good luck with your moving!

  6. Wow! The reindeer cardigan is a triumph – so, so pretty. And I really like your photo’s, especially the first one with the sun ray, it looks very professional! I think cotton was a great choice for this pattern as it really shows off the cables and it is a perfect choice for summer. It’s so nice to see pictures of your house progress, I already have serious craft room envy. What a view!

  7. That cardigan is amazing — great design and great execution by you!!!! Thanks for the tour of your new home, it’s going to be lovely.

  8. You did such an awesome job, and it looks amazing on you! I especially love how you styled it with the burnt orange top underneath, that looks really cool.

  9. Your sweater is soo soo pretty! The perfect color blue and it looks great on you. And OMG, the view from your veranda. It has to be exciting putting the house together…good luck!

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