You know about that time of the year that you are reorganising your stash, trying to find something more seasonally to knit with?

Well, I did that and look what I found!


People, I’m in love!


Just look at these colours!

I remember when I bought it.

It was back on my first days of knitting. It was love at first sight! But at that time I didn’t know enough about yarn. I thought all these colours would mix all together in a beautiful sweater. But when I casted on, I sadly saw that the colours were creating thick stripes and I didn’t like that.
So I bought more of it, thinking what if I hold two strands of yarn together in contrasting color? Would that give me the effect I was searching for my sweater? It didn’t!
So it was waiting patiently in my stash for 6 years!


While I had my seasonal rearrange, I had this yarn in my winter yarn’s bag. I was confused with myself on why I had this cotton feel yarn along with wooly yarns.
Until I saw the label.


“Silk and mercerised look”.
Look???? So what are you made of, my beautiful yarn?
Microfiber acrylic! I would never guessed!

To sum up, this is Alize Diva Batik.
Next step, look in Ravelry for projects with this yarn used.
Ok, there were some pretty gorgeous shawls but I had 5 skeins of it. Perhaps I could do something bigger?

And there it was! I saw this project.
Have you seen in cartoons when someone sees something and his jaw drops, his tongue unfolds and his eyes are popping out?!
Yeah, that was me cause OMG that dress!!!!
I completely lost my sleep over it!

I also checked out this, this and this project for inspiration or any helpful notes but I wanted more a long skirt instead of a dress.

So it’s decided! A skirt it will be!
Now I need your expertise.
I will knit it in round because when I purl my wrist hurts badly.
Should I knit it top-down to check on the fit and if I see it doesn’t work like I wished, to frog it in an early stage?
Or should I knit it bottom-up and keep the option of turning it into a dress open, supposing there’s still yarn left?
What would you do?

PS: I would have shown you my swatch but last night me and F caked the skeins and it is frogged.
That #*&^/@# was such a pain to cake!

19 thoughts on “Planning….

  1. Wow! Such pretty colours! An exciting project for sure! Personally I will do it top-down and if you want to make a dress out of it in the end, you can always pick up stitches or work the bodice top-down and join it to the skirt… I find that it helps a lot to be able to try the garments on as I go.

  2. Oh wow the first dress in the link looks fabulous. I think knit it top down in the round not that I have knit a dress before!

  3. Oh, that dress is amazing! Missoni inspired knit dress has been on my “to knit list” for ages! I even started it once 5 years ago, but the yarn wasn’t suitable for it. I hope your skirt will work out! I would knit it top down to check how everything is working out!

    1. I know, that is a dream dress!
      Stripes, chevron, all these colors and I already have the yarn! We are meant to be together! 🙂
      I would love to knit a dress but I could really use a long high waisted skirt.
      Top-down is the most logical way to knit it especially since it is an improvisation.

  4. I’d go for top down too – you can always use a provisional cast on so that you can make it into a dress if you have enough leftover – such pretty colours 🙂

  5. I agree, those beachy colours are just perfect for Summer! Whatever you decide to make, a dress or a skirt, that chevron pattern will look beautiful in that yarn. I would go for top down too so you can measure as you go. I hope you will keep us updated on your progress – I can’t wait to see this one! 🙂

  6. I’ve been toying with the idea of knitting a skirt! you must have read my mind. I love that skein of yarn and the colors are beautiful. I need to sift through my stash and unearth some forgotten treasure…

  7. you had such great taste in yarn even in your early days of knitting! I certainly didn’t pick up such gems like that. And now they are going to be a beautiful skirt! I loves the colours, that yarn is going to be an amazing skirt. Excited to see it in process!

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