Third time is a charm?

First try on the Missoni Maxi Skirt was huuuuge.
336 stitches according to my swatch.
Could easily fit two of me. So I ripped it off.

This is the second try.


192 stitches. Too fitted. I’m actually ripping it off right now.

I think that 12 repeats of my chevron pattern will (fingers crossed) work. That’s 288 stitches.

Remember when I told you that I hate swatching?
That’s way. Swatches lie! At least to me!
Or I didn’t measured myself well enough :-/
(Please, agree with me that it was the swatch’s fault…
I’m very tired…. )

I’ll probably cast on a pair of socks before trying again.
I need some comfort knitting.

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

PS : Thank you all for your wonderful and so helpful advice on this skirt.
Sorry for not being so active on your blogs. I read your posts but on a hurry. No time for commenting yet. Everything is crazy right now with the house building but feels great to feel so tired for this!

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