Yarn Along

In a try to be more active around here, I’ve decided to keep the Wednesday’s post as most of your posts.
A single photo.
In a twist 😉
Not with what I’m reading, since I sadly have no time for, but with who is keeping me company when I knit!
I have discovered knitting podcasts and my world has changed!


This week I’m all over my Missoni Maxi Skirt.
This is take #4. I tried it on and I think I like it. I say I think because I’m not trusting myself anymore.
In breaks of my skirt, I’m making a vanilla sock. My Back To My Happy Place Socks with the most happy yarn I own.
And I’m watching the Knitting Broomstick Podcast.
I started from the first episode and today I’m watching episode 27.
I absolutely love it! Jilly is so wonderfully geeky with all her theme KALs. Go check it, if you haven’t already.

Joining Yarn Along.

14 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. you cannot beat a podcast to keep you company while you knit, it’s like having instant friends 🙂 love your fourth try!! Third is supposed to be a charm, but fourth, well maybe it’s perfection??

  2. Ooh, your skirt looks like it’s coming out so nicely! I love the colors in that yarn~
    Hope that it comes out perfect for you this time! 🙂

  3. whoa, look at how perfect that yarn is for the skirt! It looks so good already, amazing. And I love the happy colour for those socks!

  4. I just discovered knitting podcasts in the last couple of months and I am devouring them! So fun to always have company when you knit! Thanks for sharing, hopefully this is the perfect skirt try.

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