FO: Greek Crisis Tank Top

Today I have an old FO which I haven’t show you.
Well, I have shown you but not in details.
Better late than never, right?
With no further procrastination, here is my version of the Notched Hem Tank Top by Purl Soho.


I started knitting it last summer when the Greek bank crisis was steaming hot, hence the name of my top 😛
F was watching the news (the news were playing non stop!) and I was knitting and knitting.


I decided to knit it flat after seeing Alina’s dress.
How strange for me to find a pattern that I want to knit, which is knitted in round, which I absolutely love doing since I avoid seaming like the devil, and modify it into knitting it in pieces and have not 2 but 4 seams in the end?!
Must have been the weird mood that existed here at that time.
I honestly can’t think of anything else!


As for the so late details, I used light fingering weight cotton yarn. For the main body I held two strains together for more opaque look, while for the side panels I used the same yarn in a different color but one strain of it with one size bigger needle. This way the sides are a bit see through but, in the meantime, feels like I’m wearing my own personal cooler! 
Here is a close up.
(Apparently I messed up with the decreases but don’t tell anyone)
Also I modified the length of the side panels and the stitch on them.
I knitted them as the rest of the body, in stockinette and with the ribbing. I preferred it this way.

As for the photos, they were taken on September!
Thank you S! Too bad you’re far! You could be my official photographer!

Have a great weekend everyone!

20 thoughts on “FO: Greek Crisis Tank Top

  1. That’s lovely, I love how you took the pattern and made it completely your own with the different coloured sides and weights of yarn. It looks great! And I can’t see that you messed up on the decreases, they look perfectly fine to me 🙂

  2. If you didn’t say, I would not have known that there was an issue with the decreases so good job lady! It looks great on you and I too love the way that you made the pattern your own. 😀

  3. Looks great! I almost knit this shirt last summer too, but ended up knitting the tulip tank from them in that green linen instead. I love your modifications, especially in making the fabric more breathable on the sides. Totally worth the seaming

  4. It’s beautiful!! And I bet you find that the seams give it some good structure. seaming can be a pain, but I find the garments sit so much better on the body when they are seamed. I’m as obsessed with the news cycle of Brexit at the moment, and knitting a summer tank… I should rename it to be my Brexit tank!

    1. Thank you Julie! Well, since you are going to look at your tank and remember the Brexit, why not rename it? As for the seams, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want the different color and texture on the sides. Seaming and purling kill my wrist.

  5. Oh, Zeta! I am so happy to see these photos! First of all, thank you so much for mentioning me! Second of all, I love your tan!! And of course, your top is absolutely gorgeous!! I didn’t notice any decreases flaws – everything looks just right!

  6. Very pretty! I also don’t see anything wrong with the decreases. What a great idea naming projects after major events. Have to try that too sometime. XD

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