Mixed season knitting 

My Missoni Maxi Skirt is off to be blocked 🙂 So I’m allowed to cast on whatever I want! La la la! 

Kristin (aka voolenvine) from the Yarngasm Podcast was a true delight to knit with. If only I could get her absolutely gorgeous hand dyed yarn on my hands…. One day my friends! One day I will!

In present time, I already casted on and finished a baby sweater and now I have on the needles a beach top which I named Deep Blue Sea Top after the yarn’s colors. I’m going for something like this to wear with my bikini. 

I’m also making socks with cuffs,heels and toes in egg yoke yellow, since the leftovers from the self striping yarn I had wasn’t enough for a full pair, and I’m sooooo loving them! I decided this way is to be the second pair out of any sock yarn I have. These socks will be my Dreaming of Vacations Socks because, my dears, this year I’m going to take a week off work and join my family on vacations! 

I’m talking about spending all day by the sea, swimming, sleeping, summer movie cinema, being with loved ones and knitting with my mum and grandma! I will rest! 

I hope you’re having a great time or at least planning to do so.

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along . 

11 thoughts on “Mixed season knitting 

      1. Oh, I haven’t tried steam blocking… What is the fiber? Maybe the yarn company can help you.. You can send them a letter and ask how the fabric might react to steam blocking…

      2. Hmmm… As always google is the best adviser I guess. You are right to take your time and not rush – better safe than sorry!

  1. I love how your sock is turning out! And I’m not even a fan of sock knitting (only due to lack of patience on my part ;D) Yay for vacations! Also, I noticed you mentioned steam blocking acrylic yarn in the comments. I have tried it before and it seems to be the best way to block acrylic for me. Just be sure to go slow (rather than blast full steam at it) because it relaxes quite much with steam blocking. If your swatch was not steam blocked, it is very likely the project can easily stretch out too much with full steam.

    1. Thank you so so much my dear for the tips on blocking acrylic!
      I’m famous for not blocking my knits. Usually I wash them, lay them flat to dry and I’m good with the result.
      I think steam blocking my skirt will be the most scary thing I have ever done!

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