Beach essentials 

This week I’m all over beach wearing since I’m living and breathing for the end of August when I’ll get myself on a plane and join my family on vacations. 

My Deep Blue Sea Top is half way done and I started knitting a Beach Cover using the lovely yarn Veronica gifted me. I don’t think the 4 balls of yarn I have will be enough for the loose dress I’m planning, but I trust my improvisation will lead me somewhere beautiful. 

My Creative Garage Podcast is accompanying me while I’m knitting. Vanessa and her daughter are great crafters. They count only 6 episodes so far, but their podcast is definitely worth checking it out.

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along

8 thoughts on “Beach essentials 

  1. A beach cover up, what an awesome idea, that is what I need to make. Your projects look lovely and that is a new-to-me podcast that I will have to checkout!

  2. enjoy the beach vacation….and getting ready for it!!! (I head off to cape cod in about two weeks….not always on the beach, but we’ll at least visit a couple times!)

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