Summer around here…

Summer should have more than 24 hours a day. Anybody else feeling like that or it’s just me? Summer is busy. Having a full day job, feeling so tired of the heat, running around to keep up with everything, even trying to sneak in some free time to go swimming, it’s exhausting. And the garden? 

Oh, the garden! I love being sustainable. I enjoy our vegetables more than anything. All of us do. Even our turtles 😉 And I can’t wait for the pears, plums and figs to be ready for harvest. But those weeds! They are so winning me by this point. And the mosquitoes! Sigh. 

My happy time is when I knit. I’m knitting a bit after work, while F is watering and I’m holding Naya and late at night. I’m very content about my knitting time. I’m not that much about the finished product.

I steam blocked my Missoni Maxi Skirt today. 

I haven’t tried steam blocking before and didn’t know what to expect. I went slow and was very happy with the result. The fabric was flat and soft. But when I tried it on I realised that it had expanded very much. I was stepping on it even though I was wearing my high heels! I need to revisit it and rip off a few inches. Also I need to find a cropped top to wear with my skirt. Shopping feels like an errand to me at this point of my life. 

As for our house progress, we currently are in pause. The roof will be done in the next weeks and after that we will start again around October. It’s too hot now for the next steps.

11 thoughts on “Summer around here…

  1. Oh my! Your skirt!!! How on earth did you manage to knit a skirt that long so fast?!! I hope you will enjoy your little break with your family soon!

  2. I’m as amazed as the previous comment-er. Amazing work, especially with a full time job, garden (which I’m so envious of!) and house-building! Unfortunately, acrylic seems to do the expanding thing quite much… It might even continue to expand as it is worn (that happened to a friend’s cowl, which she frogged in the end).

  3. Yay your skirt is done! Sorry it was long but at least it fit and ripping out isn’t too difficult! Having a garden is like having another job, awesome work on yours!

  4. I do like that skirt, I’ve never been brave enough to knit one of my own. Sorry it’s turned out too long, hope you get it sorted out okay, 🙂

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