Getting there…

My Missoni Maxi Skirt is about 2 inches from finishing! I spent the whole week working on it exclusively and it sure paid off. I want to finish this and cast on a thousand new projects. 

Yesterday I watched the lasted episode of the Tea House Knits Podcast which I enjoyed very much. Tina is so calm and makes me feel very relaxed. 

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along


FO: Greek Crisis Tank Top

Today I have an old FO which I haven’t show you.
Well, I have shown you but not in details.
Better late than never, right?
With no further procrastination, here is my version of the Notched Hem Tank Top by Purl Soho.


I started knitting it last summer when the Greek bank crisis was steaming hot, hence the name of my top 😛
F was watching the news (the news were playing non stop!) and I was knitting and knitting.


I decided to knit it flat after seeing Alina’s dress.
How strange for me to find a pattern that I want to knit, which is knitted in round, which I absolutely love doing since I avoid seaming like the devil, and modify it into knitting it in pieces and have not 2 but 4 seams in the end?!
Must have been the weird mood that existed here at that time.
I honestly can’t think of anything else!


As for the so late details, I used light fingering weight cotton yarn. For the main body I held two strains together for more opaque look, while for the side panels I used the same yarn in a different color but one strain of it with one size bigger needle. This way the sides are a bit see through but, in the meantime, feels like I’m wearing my own personal cooler! 
Here is a close up.
(Apparently I messed up with the decreases but don’t tell anyone)
Also I modified the length of the side panels and the stitch on them.
I knitted them as the rest of the body, in stockinette and with the ribbing. I preferred it this way.

As for the photos, they were taken on September!
Thank you S! Too bad you’re far! You could be my official photographer!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Yarn Along

In a try to be more active around here, I’ve decided to keep the Wednesday’s post as most of your posts.
A single photo.
In a twist 😉
Not with what I’m reading, since I sadly have no time for, but with who is keeping me company when I knit!
I have discovered knitting podcasts and my world has changed!


This week I’m all over my Missoni Maxi Skirt.
This is take #4. I tried it on and I think I like it. I say I think because I’m not trusting myself anymore.
In breaks of my skirt, I’m making a vanilla sock. My Back To My Happy Place Socks with the most happy yarn I own.
And I’m watching the Knitting Broomstick Podcast.
I started from the first episode and today I’m watching episode 27.
I absolutely love it! Jilly is so wonderfully geeky with all her theme KALs. Go check it, if you haven’t already.

Joining Yarn Along.

Third time is a charm?

First try on the Missoni Maxi Skirt was huuuuge.
336 stitches according to my swatch.
Could easily fit two of me. So I ripped it off.

This is the second try.


192 stitches. Too fitted. I’m actually ripping it off right now.

I think that 12 repeats of my chevron pattern will (fingers crossed) work. That’s 288 stitches.

Remember when I told you that I hate swatching?
That’s way. Swatches lie! At least to me!
Or I didn’t measured myself well enough :-/
(Please, agree with me that it was the swatch’s fault…
I’m very tired…. )

I’ll probably cast on a pair of socks before trying again.
I need some comfort knitting.

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

PS : Thank you all for your wonderful and so helpful advice on this skirt.
Sorry for not being so active on your blogs. I read your posts but on a hurry. No time for commenting yet. Everything is crazy right now with the house building but feels great to feel so tired for this!

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday knitters!

I’m just popping in to join you in Ginny’s Yarn Along.


The Chevron Baby Blanket is almost done. Just two color sections left and then the border.
Tomorrow they will find out the baby’s sex! I-can’t-wait!!

I also finished today my Ugly Socks.
It definitely didn’t worth my knitting time. The yarn shouldn’t be called yarn. I think it is muted plastic sting! Ugliest thing ever! A friend from work bought it for me. A non knitter friend.
Anyway, I knitted this pair for wearing it with my rain boots at work. A pair of socks that will not make me feel sad if it gets ruined.
In more exciting knitting, I’m hoping to cast on for my skirt later this evening.
Thank you all for your help! You are the best!


You know about that time of the year that you are reorganising your stash, trying to find something more seasonally to knit with?

Well, I did that and look what I found!


People, I’m in love!


Just look at these colours!

I remember when I bought it.

It was back on my first days of knitting. It was love at first sight! But at that time I didn’t know enough about yarn. I thought all these colours would mix all together in a beautiful sweater. But when I casted on, I sadly saw that the colours were creating thick stripes and I didn’t like that.
So I bought more of it, thinking what if I hold two strands of yarn together in contrasting color? Would that give me the effect I was searching for my sweater? It didn’t!
So it was waiting patiently in my stash for 6 years!


While I had my seasonal rearrange, I had this yarn in my winter yarn’s bag. I was confused with myself on why I had this cotton feel yarn along with wooly yarns.
Until I saw the label.


“Silk and mercerised look”.
Look???? So what are you made of, my beautiful yarn?
Microfiber acrylic! I would never guessed!

To sum up, this is Alize Diva Batik.
Next step, look in Ravelry for projects with this yarn used.
Ok, there were some pretty gorgeous shawls but I had 5 skeins of it. Perhaps I could do something bigger?

And there it was! I saw this project.
Have you seen in cartoons when someone sees something and his jaw drops, his tongue unfolds and his eyes are popping out?!
Yeah, that was me cause OMG that dress!!!!
I completely lost my sleep over it!

I also checked out this, this and this project for inspiration or any helpful notes but I wanted more a long skirt instead of a dress.

So it’s decided! A skirt it will be!
Now I need your expertise.
I will knit it in round because when I purl my wrist hurts badly.
Should I knit it top-down to check on the fit and if I see it doesn’t work like I wished, to frog it in an early stage?
Or should I knit it bottom-up and keep the option of turning it into a dress open, supposing there’s still yarn left?
What would you do?

PS: I would have shown you my swatch but last night me and F caked the skeins and it is frogged.
That #*&^/@# was such a pain to cake!

WIP: Chevron baby blanket

I have crazy knitting plans!
A long knitted skirt, a dress, a top. All that for me.
I have the yarn and the patterns.
A skirt for my mum. I have half the yarn needed and waiting for the rest to come but I have the pattern.
Also (drumroll here) all of the patterns are mine!
I don’t think I’ll have the time to write them down any time soon and have actual patterns for anyone interested, but when things calm down I’ll do my best 🙂

But there is also a baby on its way. My best friend’s first.
My baby knitting is a little delayed by the excuse that we don’t know yet if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.
Stupid excuse since I  know I’ll make everything neutral-gender.


I started a baby blanket hoping that it will be finished before the weather gets very hot.
You all must know my love for stripes by now.
But do you know that is better than stripes?
I just love chevron.
The pattern is very simple and using a 5mm crochet hook makes the blanket fly off my hands.


I chose white, grey and beige acrilic yarns for easy washing.
I know my friend will like the colors since her house is decorated in grey and beige.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I find blankets…. healing!
Having a hook and yarn and ending up with a blanket, is soothing for my soul. I feel grateful and covered by love as the blanket grows and starts covering me.
Have you ever felt that?

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

Last but not least, thank you so much for the comments on our house.
You put a big smile on my and F’s face.
You all are the best!