FO: The Gifted Reindeer

I’m inexcusable!
There’s been more than two months that my Gifted Reindeer is finished and I haven’t show it to you yet.
Truth is I was planning on a more organised photoshoot.
Let’s all agree that is not going to happen!
But I have something else, equally special for you….
First let’s talk about Reindeer.
I couldn’t love more this cardigan.
The cable pattern down the back is so so beautiful.
This pattern has everything I like.
It’s seemless. It’s an open cardigan. There is texture on the end of the sleeves. You can choose the length of the sleeves. You can have wider bands. Looks amazing in cotton and in more wooly yarns so it can be either a summer or winter garment. And it is Alina’s first pattern!
I did this one in cotton since it was the best I could find but also because I wear cotton for more months.

As for the surprise I have for you….
What about our house first pictures?
Get ready for a bunch of them.
(The view from the veranda with a sneak peek at our garden and the chicken coop)
(The north side with the neighbour’s goats. He is happy to have young people in the neighbourhood so he is treating us daily with fresh goat milk which as it turns out I really like)
(Still no walls on the main floor. Lots to be done until we can call it home. Can you see the ladder? It will lead to my craft room!)
( The east side that has view to the sea)

(Talking about my craft room 🙂
La la la!)
(Hopefully next month I won’t be able to look out since there will be the roof done. Also, my hair is a mess, I know, but I’m growing them to donate them)
I hope you enjoyed this little tour.
I know I enjoyed wearing my Reindeer which is so close to my heart while touring you around our House In Progress.
Thank you all for being so supportive.

And thank you Alina for everything….

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

FO: For Maria

You know when you just scroll around Pinterest and you see something that makes you drool over your screen?

Yeah, you do! 🙂

When I saw this pin I couldn’t get it off my mind.
I heard it whispering: “Knit me! Knit me for Maria!”


The original pattern is a paid one.
Sadly, I couldn’t buy it because I don’t have a bank account that allows internet purchases (it’s hard, believe me!) so I improvised.

Even though I didn’t knit an actual Golden Wheat Cardigan, I want to thank the designer for the inspiration.


I tried to have the purl side as the right side but this yarn didn’t look that good. It’s an acrilic fingering weight yarn which I held two strains together. It’s the same yarn I used for my Flax in a different colorway. 

I think you are probably not the biggest fan of acrylics but I find it extremely durable and easy to wash since you can just throw it in the washing machine, that I can forsee its scratchiness (is that a word?).
For someone that doesn’t know how to treat hand knitted items is great.
As is for lazy people like me!


The buttons weren’t easy to found.
Made of ivory. So beautiful and fragile, like Maria!


I know Maria since university.
She’s more like family to me.
Always there for me, as I am for her.
I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

I wanted to knit her something special and I’m sure that this cardigan will be her favorite. It’s just so Maria’s taste.


It’s such a warm cardigan that taking those photos really made me sweat!


As you can tell the photoshoot happened in F’s garage.
The photographer was my F.
Thank you my love ♡


He has improved so much although he couldn’t capture the side faux seam while I was wearing the cardigan.
Such a pretty, little detail.


I was on a deadline to finish it because Maria was supposed to visit me last week for Easter but unfortunately she couldn’t.
The cardigan will have to be sent to her soon even though the weather is getting hotter every day and she will not wear her new cardigan for months.

Do you think it is possible to have a couple of cold days?
In May? In Greece? Who am I kidding?!
A knitter can always wish for cold weather, right?

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FO: Marina’s Garter Cardi

Wasn’t this a quick one?


Marina’s cardi is finished and already at its recipient 🙂

On Saturday, I found out that a colleague of mine was called on a business trip to my friend’s town on Tuesday. 
It was the perfect opportunity to send her my gift along with some other goodies 😉

By that time, I was about to finish the back of the cardigan.
Time was limited but fortunately I had two days off work to focus on my knitting.


As you see the structure is very simple.
Plus knitting on needles size 10 helped the whole garment to fly off my hands quickly.

Seaming was the most time consuming part.


The sleeves were seamed before the shoulder shaping.
This makes the cardigan slouchy but not boxy.


On my first Garter Cardi I seamed the sleeve into a tube and then attached it to the body.
This time I seamed it flat and it was so much easier!


Then I folded the whole cardigan to seam the sides using the mattress stitch.
I saved hours this way.


Of course there was no time for blocking but the cardigan grows in length by wearing it.
Mine wasn’t blocked and you can see how the garter stitch grew.


Marina really really liked it and that made me feel such a happy knitter 🙂

It was a bit tight on her because she has put on some weight but she will sure wear it a lot after she gives birth.

My ravelry notes are on your disposal along with my help if you want to knit your own Garter Cardi.
I would love to write a pattern out of it but, let’s be realistic, I’ll never find enough time.
One day maybe….

Joining Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams.

WIP: Marina’s Garter Cardi

This winter so far is the mildest I can remember.

Don’t get me wrong but I’m almost always cold.
Everybody at work usually wear just a t-shirt and I’m under 3 layers at least!

But this year felt like an endless spring.

Yesterday afternoon though there was heavy rain followed by hail.
After my yoga class, I wanted to curl in my chair, with a hot cup of tea and something wooly to knit.

My Reindeer is growing fast. Only the sleeves are left to be knitted.
But its yarn is cotton.


So I casted on for another Garter Cardi.

It is the same yarn, in the same color as my first Garter Cardi only smaller since it is for my best friend and koumpara(=I was something like a maid of honor in her wedding), Marina.

Last time I saw her, I was wearing my cardigan and she really liked it. I told her it was the warmest cardigan I have ever wore and let her try it on to see for herself. At that moment I secretly took her measurements! 😛

Marina is petite. She struggles to find clothes in her size.
And I have knit her only a scarf and a pair of socks.
It was time for a proper garment.


Three strands of yarn in garter stitch make a very warm texture.

Since this isn’t a pattern but mostly an improvisation, I was more than happy for keeping “notes” for the numbers the first time.

I casted on for 46 stitches for the back, that’s 10 stitches less than my cardigan.
I also need to make the body and the sleeves shorter.

I think it will be a great and unexpected gift for her since she doesn’t read my blog.

I think of her a lot lately because she recently found out she’s pregnant and I’m far away. I will miss seeing her belly grow.
But I will love to see her wearing the cardigan I knitted for her with a big belly or later with her baby in her arms.

Oh, it’s raining again!
Back to needles! 🙂

Joining Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams.

FO: Garter Cardi

That was a quick and fun project for me!
Simple garter stitch. Some shaping at the shoulders and a ribbing band. No pattern. Total freedom!


It was my tv series knitting. Really enjoyable since it was so…. mindless!!

On a recent business trip, I saw many shops windows with cardigans in garter stitch with no shaping. Could it be any easier??

As soon as I got back home, I looked through my stash and found that super perlee acrylic yarn. I held 3 strands together with #10 needles. The texture was exactly what I needed! Fluffy, cozy and warm!


After a quick search on Pinterest for a pattern, I inspired from this pin. It’s not a link to a pattern but the structure seemed easy enough.

You can find some notes on my ravelry project page. If you need more details, please feel free to contact me.

I was so pleased with the result that I wanted to share it with you right away so the photos aren’t the best! Just my back yard where my laundry usually dries! 😛

I’ll try to get somebody to model for me. Or if my F is in good mood he will take some photos but, as we all know, chances are low for that!

Time to go back to my needles now!
I hope your weekend is going great!
See you….!

FO: Folded Rectangular Cardigan



Pattern: Speckled Shrug by Lion Brand

If you have spent some time around here, you must have seen me struggling with this particular project for quite some time.

It all started last December (!!!!!) when my beautiful friend Xenia had her birthday. I thought this pattern would be fast. And it would be if it wasn’t soooo boring! Those 170 stitches of endless rows of stockinette was not working for me.

So this became the project I had at F’s garage to keep me occupied when he had his things to do.

When I saw that wasn’t working, I brought it home to have it as my movie knitting. I also changed the needles from aluminum to wooden. Some progress happened that way….

The last rows were knit mostly outdoors…..


Until it finally finished. Just in time for Xenia’s (this year’s) birthday!

Yesterday after our pilates class, Kiki was kind enough to model for me! Thank you Kiki! You’re the best!

The pattern is easy. Some ribbing, then stockinette, some ribbing to finish. No decreases. No shaping. Just a rectangular that you fold in half, seam it leaving a gap as a sleeve. The end! Easy!

I hope you’ll add it on your queue because it is a piece that everybody should have in their closet since it’s so easy to combine and not seasonal. I think that Xenia will wear it all year around.
I can’t wait to give it to her! 🙂

The au revoir gift!

I didn’t know Lena before March when she came to work to the fishfarm for her internship. I was in a pretty bad condition, cause of my neck at that time, and I must admit that she was a great help not only at work but also when I had to walk Naya!

Time passed and she had to go back home to France. Her au revoir gift would be straight from my hands as a way to say thank you. I was trying to find something that she would like. Actually I spent more time thinking about what it would be than actually making it!

I decided to make her this circular cardigan because I think it will look amazing when she is horseriding!

I had never made a circular cardigan before but I will surely make another one at same time! It was fun!


The yarn I used was cotton, double strand in lemon yellow straight from my stash which hopefully was enough since I had only two skeins. I even had some left! 🙂


She really liked it! 😀

There are many people that don’t appreciate a handmade gift! I know because I sadly have met enough of them! I was so happy and relieved that my sweet Lena wasn’t one of them!!!!

Taking some pictures was surprisingly challenging!!!!!




The day the cardigan was finished I asked my dear X (she is F’s cousin, almost my family 🙂 ) to put it on so I can take some pictures in case I didn’t have time with Lena. She was happy to help me but…..



Her daughter had something else in mind!!!! We ended up taking pictures of hugs, kisses and silly faces! 😀 😉 😛

When Lena came to say goodbye and pick her gift…..




Naya wanted hugs and kisses!!!!

Anyway, Lena promised to send me some proper photos where she will be wearing the cardigan while she is riding her horse!

I just can’t wait!