FO: Essential Sweater 

I’m so so proud of myself for this sweater! I present to you the first sweater I designed! The Essential Sweater

You know that the little black dress is an essential piece for any girl’s wardrobe. I believe that a black, cotton, short sleeve sweater is also a must!

It is a sweater that can be worn all year around and in every occasion. From a chilly summer night combined with shorts or at a business meeting with a pair of linen pants or jeans. 

I always struggle on what to take with me on business trips. The weather can be very unpredictable and some meals are more formal. This sweater will always be on my luggage, no matter the destination or the kind of trip 😉 For me, it stands up its name. It is essential!!

The body has the right amount of texture and by knitting different stitches in each part, helped me “hide” or even change my body’s imperfections. For example, knitting in seed stitch the bust created the illusion that I’m more gifted in that area. Also the stockinette stitch at the sleeves makes my arms look more toned.

The yarn is 100% mercerized cotton by E.L. Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10 which is a DK yarn, in black color and I used 4,5mm/US7 needles. As known, cotton yarn makes the stitch definition pop!

This is the first time I design a sweater. By the time I tried it on, I actually had tears of joy! I’m very strict with myself and creating something so beautiful out of my head was… weirdly amazing! 

I was planning to write it down and share it with you but I wanted so badly to show it to you! Maybe when I have more free time…. But when I find time I prefer to knit…. It’s pointless! 

If anyone is inspired by my sweater and wants to knit it, I’ll be more than happy to help, so feel free to email me. 

It is a very easy knit, if you have some experience with different stitches and you can always rearrange them according to your body. 

As for the construction, it is knitted bottom-up in the round with no shaping and there is also no shoulder shaping which for me is the best since I have wide shoulders (thank you swimming!). 

For the shoulder seam, I did a three-needle bind off because I  think it holds better when it comes to cotton yarn. 

I did Alina’s perfect neckline trim, which will be my go-to neckline from now on (thank you dear Alina! This sweater wouldn’t be the same without your tutorial!)
The sleeves were picked up and knitted in round with some degreases.

I’m planning on knitting a more winter version of it soon. If anyone is interested, we can have our own unofficial KAL! I think I can manage to break it down to pieces and guide you along the way. This could be so exciting!!! Let me know if you are in!

Yummy yarn!

The yarn is here! It is winded! It is perfect!


It is mercerised cotton by El. D. Mouzakis, of the Greek yarn and thread company Petalouda (that’s butterfly in Greek. Cool, right?). Each skein is 125gr/230m.


The colour is just magnificent! Petrol blue which is a greyish blue colour, tinted with green ! So deep and solid! I instantly fell in love with it!


I want so badly to cast it on but I told my F that his blanket will be my first priority and will finish as soon as possible.

I promised not to cast on a new project until he is covered with his blanket. I know now that I should have thought it more before those words came out of my mouth….!

Back on my hook then….

Have a great week everybody!

The au revoir gift!

I didn’t know Lena before March when she came to work to the fishfarm for her internship. I was in a pretty bad condition, cause of my neck at that time, and I must admit that she was a great help not only at work but also when I had to walk Naya!

Time passed and she had to go back home to France. Her au revoir gift would be straight from my hands as a way to say thank you. I was trying to find something that she would like. Actually I spent more time thinking about what it would be than actually making it!

I decided to make her this circular cardigan because I think it will look amazing when she is horseriding!

I had never made a circular cardigan before but I will surely make another one at same time! It was fun!


The yarn I used was cotton, double strand in lemon yellow straight from my stash which hopefully was enough since I had only two skeins. I even had some left! 🙂


She really liked it! 😀

There are many people that don’t appreciate a handmade gift! I know because I sadly have met enough of them! I was so happy and relieved that my sweet Lena wasn’t one of them!!!!

Taking some pictures was surprisingly challenging!!!!!




The day the cardigan was finished I asked my dear X (she is F’s cousin, almost my family 🙂 ) to put it on so I can take some pictures in case I didn’t have time with Lena. She was happy to help me but…..



Her daughter had something else in mind!!!! We ended up taking pictures of hugs, kisses and silly faces! 😀 😉 😛

When Lena came to say goodbye and pick her gift…..




Naya wanted hugs and kisses!!!!

Anyway, Lena promised to send me some proper photos where she will be wearing the cardigan while she is riding her horse!

I just can’t wait!