FO: Flax

Hi there!

How is your weekend so far?
Mine is busy as the week before! It will be a while until I get some rest but it’s the “productive fatique” that gives me strength to carry on! I’ll explain what I mean after my FO which I’m crazy about!


(Yes F took the pictures and this is as good as it can be!!)

I couldn’t love more this sweater!
I love the slightly oversized fit, the wide neckline, the stripes, the colors and how warm it is!
I wear it all the time and still can’t get enough of it!


It will be the first of many sweaters that I’ll knit using this pattern.
I was thinking knitting one more for myself but some good news changed my planning.
Next will be a baby sized little flax for my best friend who is expecting her first.
I’ll cast it on when they are sure for the baby’s sex.
I’m very excited! 😀


Knitting in round is definitely my favorite.
Off the needles and straight into wearing.
I’m too impatient to seam. Ok and lazy!! 😛
And if you think that I am not lazy enough to weave all the ends from all the stripes, guess again!


I did a twist on my yarn every time I had to change the color.
Minimum weaving and in case of frogging the sweater, there will be no knots.

Now, did you noticed the background on the previous photos?
Why would I choose a construction place for the photo shooting?
Because my dear friends, this will be our home!!!!
We started building our home!!!!
We couldn’t be more happy, excited and tired!
It will so worth it though.
I’ll keep you updated on that….

Have a great Sunday!

FO: Folded Rectangular Cardigan



Pattern: Speckled Shrug by Lion Brand

If you have spent some time around here, you must have seen me struggling with this particular project for quite some time.

It all started last December (!!!!!) when my beautiful friend Xenia had her birthday. I thought this pattern would be fast. And it would be if it wasn’t soooo boring! Those 170 stitches of endless rows of stockinette was not working for me.

So this became the project I had at F’s garage to keep me occupied when he had his things to do.

When I saw that wasn’t working, I brought it home to have it as my movie knitting. I also changed the needles from aluminum to wooden. Some progress happened that way….

The last rows were knit mostly outdoors…..


Until it finally finished. Just in time for Xenia’s (this year’s) birthday!

Yesterday after our pilates class, Kiki was kind enough to model for me! Thank you Kiki! You’re the best!

The pattern is easy. Some ribbing, then stockinette, some ribbing to finish. No decreases. No shaping. Just a rectangular that you fold in half, seam it leaving a gap as a sleeve. The end! Easy!

I hope you’ll add it on your queue because it is a piece that everybody should have in their closet since it’s so easy to combine and not seasonal. I think that Xenia will wear it all year around.
I can’t wait to give it to her! 🙂