Happy 2016!!

Happy New Year!


Just popping in to wish you a very happy 2016!
May your dreams come true this year!


My Secret Santa!!

Hello dears!

I hope you had wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.
Unfortunately I was working on Christmas Day, but later I had a wonderful meal with F and his parents. Now I’m back home, in Athens, to spend New Year’s Eve with my family 🙂

Many gifting is happening those days, so much love and joy is in the air and I’m falling in love with this season even more!!

Do you remember the secret gift exchange that Marilena organised? The gift I sent was Miaow, the cat.
Do you want to meet my secret Santa?

It’s Konstantina from the blog Unique Creations!!!


Those two little but wonderful, handmade ornaments were sent to me from Konstantina along with a Christmas card full of wishes!


Κωνσταντίνα μου σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα όμορφα στολίδια σου!
Να είσαι καλά, υγιής και δημιουργική!
Καλές γιορτές σε σένα και την οικογένειά σου!

I hope everybody is enjoying those days and that you give and receive crazy amounts of love!!!!
Happy holidays 🙂

The colorful yarn I won!


I know I have no excuse on delaying this Thank you post.
But better late than never, right?

Winning on the same blog two times is a bit rare. At least for me!

After winning Laura’s ARM & FINGER KNITTING book, she was generous enough to have another wonderful giveaway on her blog, Made Peachy.


When my eyes met those beautiful 3 (!!!) alpaca, handpainted skeins, my fingers typed a comment….

Oh the thrill when I saw my name on the winner post!!!! F was sleeping but I had to wake him up to share the news with him!!! 😛

When the package arrived, I spent the whole day touching delicately the yarn as if my touch would ruin it!
The knitting market where I do my shopping has a pretty large variety in acrilics, wool and cotton but I’ve never had felt alpaca before!


Next time I’ll show you that delicious yarn, will be in the form of socks! I haven’t casted them on yet but I’m so curious to see how the colors will mix….

Have a great weekend everyone…!

The ABC’s Knitting Survey by Yarn Birdy

Thanks to Alina from The gift of knitting blog, not only did I found out about another wonderful knitting blog, the Yarn Birdy, but also had a lot of fun reading the answers-dark secrets of other knitters!
Alexis knitting survey is a great idea for sharing your knitting habits without omitting the fun and the excitement!
Could I not participate? Of course not and I would suggest every knitter to do the same! I want to read the answers of more people! I want to know each other better! Here are my secrets alphabetically!


Alone or with my mum and grandma when I’m back home.

Best I would say my Aidez cardigan! It was a big step for me at that time! I must write a proper post about it….

Circular for almost everything except socks. Socks and double pointed needles come together.

Dream of knitting a cardigan with a cable pattern down the back! This winter hopefully!

Earliest knitting memory is a scarf in moss stitch when my mum was trying to get me into knitting. It didn’t work! It was years later that I picked up the needles.

Family. My mum and grandma are vicious knitters!

Gloves? Haven’t knit yet. Mittens? Yep I like them! Socks? LOVE THEM!!!! Knitting your socks it’s a whole new experience!!!!

Home. Knitting outdoors was never my thing.

Intarsia? Haven’t tried it yet. Nor fair isle but I think I should. If stripes is considered as color work, then that’s my favorite!

Joke. When my sister walked in the house and saw me knitting, she thought it was a joke!!!! I still remember her face!!!! Hilarious!!!!

Loyal. I LOVE knitting! And crochet! Is sewing considered cheating?!

Mistakes. I’ve never knit anything and haven’t make at least one mistake! I try to work on my perfectionism and knitting has been a great lesson! Sometimes mistakes happen but I don’t always correct them! I choose to live with them!

Next project? Haven’t thought of that! I’m trying to finish my wips at this time….

One or two or up to three projects at once. Some take a lot of time which makes me lose my interest so I feel the need for something new or something fast. Also the wips multiply when something “I -must-knit-this-now” happens!

Best Pattern would be my granny’s foremataki (which means little dress in Greek) because it’s my granny’s pattern and also because my mum showed it to me! It’s a pattern so close to my heart!

Quick when I take my leave from work! For the rest of the year I’m slow, really slooooow!

Ravelry! The knitter’s bible! I want to kiss the inventor of ravelry!!!!

Stitch. Anything! From stockinette to cables!

Toys! If you haven’t tried amigurumi, you definitely should!

Ugliest. A hat I knitted for F. He looked like a crazy french painter! I couldn’t believe that thing came out of my hands!

Volume of my stash! Since I buy yarn only once a year, it’s kind of big but not as big as I would like. I feel sort of oppressed by it when I find a pattern but not having the yarn….

Wool? Didn’t have the pleasure yet. I tend to buy acrilic because I find a super great variety of it or cotton for my summer knits.

Exactly! I’m very insecure when it comes to modifications. I feel very capable of totally destroying a pattern! I must be more bold in the future….

Yarn from a hidden arcade at Piraeus! I spend a whole afternoon every time I’m there. By the way, I want to apologise to the staff! It’s a year’s yarn!!!! It’s a difficult choice!!!!

Z-Zeta wants to thank Alexis for this and you all for the support! I’m very grateful to meet you all! Every time it’s like meeting with dear friends with our needles and hooks on our hands, sharing our news and experiences! I feel good here, exposing myself. My knitting world was nonexistent before this blog. You became a big part of my life, even if the frequency of my posts doesn’t say so. I want to think that in the next year changes will happen. That my priorities will change but this place will be high on the list. Or at least you will see me at your place!  😉