The second sock

I have two half pairs of socks that need their other half to be finished so I can use the needles to knit more socks. My Dreaming of Vacations Socks will be done today or tomorrow the latest. After that, the other half pair is next. See, no second sock syndrome here 😉

I believe you all know Molly from A Homespun House, who hadn’t recorded for 3 months or so and now has a new episode which if you haven’t already see, you definitely should. Isn’t she an amazing dyer? Oh her yarns! She knows color as no one does! 

I can’t wait to see what you are knitting this week. 

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along

Mixed season knitting 

My Missoni Maxi Skirt is off to be blocked 🙂 So I’m allowed to cast on whatever I want! La la la! 

Kristin (aka voolenvine) from the Yarngasm Podcast was a true delight to knit with. If only I could get her absolutely gorgeous hand dyed yarn on my hands…. One day my friends! One day I will!

In present time, I already casted on and finished a baby sweater and now I have on the needles a beach top which I named Deep Blue Sea Top after the yarn’s colors. I’m going for something like this to wear with my bikini. 

I’m also making socks with cuffs,heels and toes in egg yoke yellow, since the leftovers from the self striping yarn I had wasn’t enough for a full pair, and I’m sooooo loving them! I decided this way is to be the second pair out of any sock yarn I have. These socks will be my Dreaming of Vacations Socks because, my dears, this year I’m going to take a week off work and join my family on vacations! 

I’m talking about spending all day by the sea, swimming, sleeping, summer movie cinema, being with loved ones and knitting with my mum and grandma! I will rest! 

I hope you’re having a great time or at least planning to do so.

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along . 

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday knitters!

I’m just popping in to join you in Ginny’s Yarn Along.


The Chevron Baby Blanket is almost done. Just two color sections left and then the border.
Tomorrow they will find out the baby’s sex! I-can’t-wait!!

I also finished today my Ugly Socks.
It definitely didn’t worth my knitting time. The yarn shouldn’t be called yarn. I think it is muted plastic sting! Ugliest thing ever! A friend from work bought it for me. A non knitter friend.
Anyway, I knitted this pair for wearing it with my rain boots at work. A pair of socks that will not make me feel sad if it gets ruined.
In more exciting knitting, I’m hoping to cast on for my skirt later this evening.
Thank you all for your help! You are the best!

FO: Walls-up socks

My Walls-up socks are finished even though the actual walls are not.
I guess falling off the scheduled timetable happens when you build a house, right?


In the bright side, I now have sock blockers!! La la la!!
My love did his wonder again! Thank you darling :-*


Back to the socks, I love love love them!
Even though there’s far too much pink for me.

The yarn looks so… happy.
(I strongly believe that a yarn CAN look happy)


I used half my yarn so I will soon make another pair.
I’m thinking I’ll go for vanilla socks just to let the yarn’s colors to bloom with no distractions.


Hermione’s Everyday Socks is a great pattern even though I did a different heel.
Why I didn’t try the heel that the pattern suggested?
Because by the time I had to do the heel, I didn’t have the pattern with me. I know shadow wraps short rows by heart and I really like how it looks and how it fits but I would like to try something new.

I know. There is always next time 😉
Learning never ends….

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along

Socks n’ HIP (House In Progress)

Spring (or an early summer to be more accurate) is here!

The weather is sunny and hot and all I want is to spend more time outdoors.

We have started preparing the garden and hopefully we will plant our tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini etc during the weekend.
Meanwhile, our turtles are enjoying our salad leftovers….




Our house is slowly starting to look more like a house.
There are now some bricks but nothing special to show you yet.

When I casted on my stripy socks, the ceiling of the main floor/floor of the attic had just been built and we had to wait for 28 days for the cement to dry. But cement gets stronger if it is wet all the time. So, we had a schedule to water the floor 6 times a day!
While F was watering, I was in charge of the faucet.
And knitting my socks 😛


If they look different to you than their WIP post,  it is because I ripped the first one off because I got a little obsessed with the stripes on the heel.
I feel much better with this result (after 4 attempts) and with having matching socks (after a mild breakdown).

So, now that one critical chapter of our HIP is done, another one begins.
Walls. Brick walls.

I thought it will be great if my knitting is accompanying our house in a way.
And I dream of a drawer full of hand knitted socks in our new house.
And I enjoy knitting socks so much!

I decided to knit a pair in every big part of the construction, while I am at the construction.


I casted on Hermione’s Everyday Socks using the yarn I won in Laura’s giveaway.

This pattern seems to be on everyone’s needles lately, and I admit to be a Harry Potter enthusiast as well, so it was a perfect match.

These will be my Walls-up socks and I have about 3 weeks to finish them.

Also I’m waiting for F to get some free time to make me wooden sock blockers, as he promised me!
How lucky am I???
How amazing is he?!

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along.

WIP: Stripy Socks

I have slept 8 hours in total the last two days.


The reason?

If we aren’t working, we are at our HIP (House In Progress) so I turn on my needles at the end of the day, at about 9pm, thinking that I’ll knit for an hour to take off the pressure and go straight to bed.

F falls asleep on the couch immediately, covered by his blanket (I know I must write a FO post about it sometime).

I’m knitting and knitting and the stripes are forming on their own and I’m getting so excited that I don’t feel sleepy!

At about midnight, F wakes up, sees me still knitting and drags me to bed. I’m still full of adrenaline, my mind is on the stripes and how I’ll make the next sock matching.

Two more hours pass without me sleeping.
At 6am the alarm starts buzzing and as I wait in the car for F’s morning inspection at the construction, I knit a couple of rows.

The same happened the next day.
Fatigue and insomnia is showing on my face.
But can you blame a stripe addict?


I very pleased on how the colors look on the heel turn.
I used the shadow raps short rows technique.
The result is very neat and exactly the same on both sides.


It is the first time I knit on such small needle size (2,5mm).
The stitches are so delicate and easy to drop.
So I asked my wonderful man to make me a DPN case.


Literally 5 minutes later I had my case!!!!!
He cut off a rectangular piece of a plastic tube and added rubber tops.


I LOVE HIM!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡
My stitches are secured!!!!

Tonight I’ll go to bed at 10 no matter what!
I hope you’re getting more rest than me….

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along

The colorful yarn I won!


I know I have no excuse on delaying this Thank you post.
But better late than never, right?

Winning on the same blog two times is a bit rare. At least for me!

After winning Laura’s ARM & FINGER KNITTING book, she was generous enough to have another wonderful giveaway on her blog, Made Peachy.


When my eyes met those beautiful 3 (!!!) alpaca, handpainted skeins, my fingers typed a comment….

Oh the thrill when I saw my name on the winner post!!!! F was sleeping but I had to wake him up to share the news with him!!! 😛

When the package arrived, I spent the whole day touching delicately the yarn as if my touch would ruin it!
The knitting market where I do my shopping has a pretty large variety in acrilics, wool and cotton but I’ve never had felt alpaca before!


Next time I’ll show you that delicious yarn, will be in the form of socks! I haven’t casted them on yet but I’m so curious to see how the colors will mix….

Have a great weekend everyone…!