Getting there…

My Missoni Maxi Skirt is about 2 inches from finishing! I spent the whole week working on it exclusively and it sure paid off. I want to finish this and cast on a thousand new projects. 

Yesterday I watched the lasted episode of the Tea House Knits Podcast which I enjoyed very much. Tina is so calm and makes me feel very relaxed. 

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along

Yarn Along

In a try to be more active around here, I’ve decided to keep the Wednesday’s post as most of your posts.
A single photo.
In a twist 😉
Not with what I’m reading, since I sadly have no time for, but with who is keeping me company when I knit!
I have discovered knitting podcasts and my world has changed!


This week I’m all over my Missoni Maxi Skirt.
This is take #4. I tried it on and I think I like it. I say I think because I’m not trusting myself anymore.
In breaks of my skirt, I’m making a vanilla sock. My Back To My Happy Place Socks with the most happy yarn I own.
And I’m watching the Knitting Broomstick Podcast.
I started from the first episode and today I’m watching episode 27.
I absolutely love it! Jilly is so wonderfully geeky with all her theme KALs. Go check it, if you haven’t already.

Joining Yarn Along.

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday knitters!

I’m just popping in to join you in Ginny’s Yarn Along.


The Chevron Baby Blanket is almost done. Just two color sections left and then the border.
Tomorrow they will find out the baby’s sex! I-can’t-wait!!

I also finished today my Ugly Socks.
It definitely didn’t worth my knitting time. The yarn shouldn’t be called yarn. I think it is muted plastic sting! Ugliest thing ever! A friend from work bought it for me. A non knitter friend.
Anyway, I knitted this pair for wearing it with my rain boots at work. A pair of socks that will not make me feel sad if it gets ruined.
In more exciting knitting, I’m hoping to cast on for my skirt later this evening.
Thank you all for your help! You are the best!

Flax. Progress

Flax was my holiday knitting.
It was the only project I packed to take with me when I visited my parents in Athens.


While packing the yarn, I was already on the stripes, just a few rows before separating the body from the sleeves. If you remember, I had a third color in mind for the body.
I should have taken the dark grey yarn with me but I didn’t because I really liked the red/light grey contrast and also because I hadn’t use much yarn.


I thought the 4 skeins I had would be enough for the sweater. Even though I held two strains together, the yardage was generous, 400m or 437.44 yards per skein. Feeling stash-basting, I left the dark grey yarn behind.

And I run out of yarn!
I could have made the sleeves shorter but I love long sleeves.
The grey will be enough for the rows left but I have to buy me some red.


I’m not regretting sticking with this colorway. I enjoy changing my mind half way through the process because something seems better! Don’t you love that part about knitting? 🙂


My mum got me yesterday the extra red skein for Flax, 14 more skeins for F’s blanket, and some yummy yarn that I had ordered for my very special next project 🙂
She will mail them to me next week.

On F’s blanket, I’m on the 25th color or the 50th row or at the second repeat of the colors or at 19 inches or at 49cm or at 380g of used yarn!
I try, I really do!
On watching, we started the first season of Black Sails that F’s brother suggested.
F likes it so far, but he is a guy and there are pirates!
I’m on the blanket’s hook while watching so I can’t really have an opinion.

Joining Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams!