You know about that time of the year that you are reorganising your stash, trying to find something more seasonally to knit with?

Well, I did that and look what I found!


People, I’m in love!


Just look at these colours!

I remember when I bought it.

It was back on my first days of knitting. It was love at first sight! But at that time I didn’t know enough about yarn. I thought all these colours would mix all together in a beautiful sweater. But when I casted on, I sadly saw that the colours were creating thick stripes and I didn’t like that.
So I bought more of it, thinking what if I hold two strands of yarn together in contrasting color? Would that give me the effect I was searching for my sweater? It didn’t!
So it was waiting patiently in my stash for 6 years!


While I had my seasonal rearrange, I had this yarn in my winter yarn’s bag. I was confused with myself on why I had this cotton feel yarn along with wooly yarns.
Until I saw the label.


“Silk and mercerised look”.
Look???? So what are you made of, my beautiful yarn?
Microfiber acrylic! I would never guessed!

To sum up, this is Alize Diva Batik.
Next step, look in Ravelry for projects with this yarn used.
Ok, there were some pretty gorgeous shawls but I had 5 skeins of it. Perhaps I could do something bigger?

And there it was! I saw this project.
Have you seen in cartoons when someone sees something and his jaw drops, his tongue unfolds and his eyes are popping out?!
Yeah, that was me cause OMG that dress!!!!
I completely lost my sleep over it!

I also checked out this, this and this project for inspiration or any helpful notes but I wanted more a long skirt instead of a dress.

So it’s decided! A skirt it will be!
Now I need your expertise.
I will knit it in round because when I purl my wrist hurts badly.
Should I knit it top-down to check on the fit and if I see it doesn’t work like I wished, to frog it in an early stage?
Or should I knit it bottom-up and keep the option of turning it into a dress open, supposing there’s still yarn left?
What would you do?

PS: I would have shown you my swatch but last night me and F caked the skeins and it is frogged.
That #*&^/@# was such a pain to cake!

Thank you Veronica!

Don’t you love winning on giveaways?
I know I do!!


Veronica from Ajugas was giving away this lovely silk bag.
She mentioned, she would randomly select one recipient for the silk bag on or around the Spring Equinox.

The word Equinox was unknown to me so I turned to Google translation 😛
I was thrilled to find out that she meant the 20th of March, which is my birthday!
(For everyone interested Equinox is Isimeria in Greek)

And what a thrill when she informed me that I was chosen!


I absolutely love the old fashioned style of the bag. So granny!
It is perfect for small projects, like my socks.

But the rest of the goodies her package was having in, definitely outrun the bag.
Sorry beautiful bag!


She so generously included 4 balls of the squishiest yarn I ever touched in orange!
I love that orange and it’s F’s favorite color.
He already tried to claim it 😀

The yarn is 80% cotton 20% casmir.
A delight!

Not to forget, she also sent me some hand cream and lip balm.

I can’t believe how generous knitters can be!
Every time I get so amazed!

Veronica lives in the other corner of the earth, in Texas, but our love for knitting brought us close.
I have more people to share my passion here than in my daily life.

Thank you Veronica for being one of them.
I wish you always give so much joy to others.

Thank you all for supporting me, inspire me and just be absolutely freaking amazing people!
I’m really grateful…

Yummy yarn!

The yarn is here! It is winded! It is perfect!


It is mercerised cotton by El. D. Mouzakis, of the Greek yarn and thread company Petalouda (that’s butterfly in Greek. Cool, right?). Each skein is 125gr/230m.


The colour is just magnificent! Petrol blue which is a greyish blue colour, tinted with green ! So deep and solid! I instantly fell in love with it!


I want so badly to cast it on but I told my F that his blanket will be my first priority and will finish as soon as possible.

I promised not to cast on a new project until he is covered with his blanket. I know now that I should have thought it more before those words came out of my mouth….!

Back on my hook then….

Have a great week everybody!

The colorful yarn I won!


I know I have no excuse on delaying this Thank you post.
But better late than never, right?

Winning on the same blog two times is a bit rare. At least for me!

After winning Laura’s ARM & FINGER KNITTING book, she was generous enough to have another wonderful giveaway on her blog, Made Peachy.


When my eyes met those beautiful 3 (!!!) alpaca, handpainted skeins, my fingers typed a comment….

Oh the thrill when I saw my name on the winner post!!!! F was sleeping but I had to wake him up to share the news with him!!! 😛

When the package arrived, I spent the whole day touching delicately the yarn as if my touch would ruin it!
The knitting market where I do my shopping has a pretty large variety in acrilics, wool and cotton but I’ve never had felt alpaca before!


Next time I’ll show you that delicious yarn, will be in the form of socks! I haven’t casted them on yet but I’m so curious to see how the colors will mix….

Have a great weekend everyone…!