Krrrriono Sweater 

First of all, Michele Wang has started podcasting!! I’m talking about THE Michele Wang who has designed all those gorgeous patterns. Don’t miss an episode! 

On my needles there is my Krrrriono sweater  (=I’m freezing in Greek with a few dramatic rrrs). I’m knitting this sweater for wearing it at work. Working in a fishfarm is really challenging in every season. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold. Knitting for this dirty environment is a waste of yarn and time but I believe this sweater will keep me warm. 

Thank you all for your response on my Essential Sweater. You are the best! 

Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along

12 thoughts on “Krrrriono Sweater 

  1. Καλημέρα Ζέτα μου!! Καλό φθινόπωρο να χεις και δημιουργικό φυσικά!! Πολύ χουχουλιάρικο το κρρρυώνω πουλοβεράκι σου!! 😉 Φιλάκια πολλά πολλά!!

  2. that sweater is going to be perfect for winter! love the colours. And I’ve seen one or two of her podcasts, the are pretty good! I”m not one for podcasts, though – doesn’t really matter who they are by.

  3. Καλη χρονιά να χεις Ζετα μου!! Καλοτυχο κι ευτυχισμενο να ναι το 2017!! Να σαι καλά!! Σε φιλώ!! 💋

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